Oscar Peterson (10 albums, 18 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Oscar PetersonBursting Out with the All-Star Big Band! / Swinging BrassCDR/LS1996** 1/21:16:28
Oscar PetersonOscar Peterson Plays Porgy & BessCDR/LS1959****40:57
Oscar PetersonPlays The Cole Porter Song BookCDR/LS1959***33:07
Oscar PetersonThe Very Tall Band: Live at the Blue NoteCDR/LS1999*** 1/21:11:24
Oscar Peterson TrioLast Call at the Blue NoteCDR/LS1990*** 1/21:02:20
The Oscar Peterson TrioAt The ConcertgebouwCDR/LS1958*** 1/242:56
The Oscar Peterson TrioAt the Stratford Shakespearean FestivalCD1956*** 1/21:15:06
The Oscar Peterson TrioLive At CBC Studios - 1960CDR/LS1997****36:31
The Oscar Peterson TrioNight TrainCD1962****1:08:27
The Oscar Peterson TrioVancouver, 1958CD2003*** 1/21:01:01