Ornette Coleman (24 albums, 27 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Ornette ColemanBeauty Is A Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings1993**** 1/27:06:20
Ornette ColemanChange Of The Century1959**** 1/241:34
Ornette ColemanChappaqua Suite1966**** 1/21:19:57
Ornette ColemanCrisis1969****44:29
Ornette ColemanDancing In Your Head1973****35:33
Ornette ColemanFree Jazz1960*****54:12
Ornette ColemanFriends And Neighbors: Ornette Live At Prince Street1970****38:06
Ornette ColemanLove Call1968*** 1/253:27
Ornette ColemanOf Human Feelings1979***36:24
Ornette ColemanOrnette At 12 / Crisis2017****1:17:34
Ornette ColemanOrnette On Tenor1961****41:10
Ornette ColemanSkies of America1972****41:23
Ornette ColemanSomething Else!!!!: The Music of Ornette Coleman1958**** 1/243:12
Ornette ColemanSound Grammar9/12/2006****59:17
Ornette ColemanSound Museum (Hidden Man)1996*** 1/250:47
Ornette ColemanSound Museum (Three Women)1996*** 1/255:14
Ornette ColemanThe Art Of The Improvisers1961*** 1/257:10
Ornette ColemanThe Complete Science Fiction Sessions1971****1:49:02
Ornette ColemanThe Shape of Jazz to Come1959**** 1/238:14
Ornette ColemanTomorrow Is The Question1959****42:50
Ornette ColemanTone Dialing1995*** 1/21:06:02
Ornette ColemanTown Hall 19621962****46:59
The Ornette Coleman TrioAt The Golden Circle, Volume One1965****1:15:43
The Ornette Coleman TrioAt The Golden Circle, Volume Two1965****1:17:51