Miles Davis (88 albums, 84 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Miles Davis'Round About MidnightCD1956**** 1/258:18
Miles Davis'Round About Midnight (mono)CD2013**** 1/239:25
Miles DavisA Tribute To Jack JohnsonCD1971****52:29
Miles DavisAgharta2CDR/LS1975****1:36:26
Miles DavisAmandlaCDR/LS1989****43:44
Miles DavisAscenseur Pour L'échafaud (Lift to the Scaffold)CD1958****26:04
Miles DavisAuraCD1985****1:06:23
Miles DavisBags' GrooveCDR/LS1954****46:18
Miles DavisBig Fun2CDR/LS1974*** 1/21:38:50
Miles DavisBitches Brew2CD1970**** 1/21:46:00
Miles DavisBitches Brew LiveCDR/LS2011****59:44
Miles DavisBlack Beauty - Miles Davis at Fillmore West2CDR/LS1970*** 1/21:19:21
Miles DavisBlack Devil2CDR/LS1991***2:03:35
Miles DavisBluing: Miles Davis Plays The BluesCDR/LS1996*** 1/21:13:00
Miles DavisCollectors' ItemsCDR/LS1956*** 1/243:32
Miles DavisCookin' with the Miles Davis QuintetCD1956****33:38
Miles DavisDecoyCD1984***39:36
Miles DavisDoo-BopCDR/LS1992***40:07
Miles DavisE.S.P.CD1965**** 1/248:17
Miles DavisFilles De KilimanjaroCD1969****1:11:07
Miles DavisFour & MoreCDR/LS1966****54:11
Miles DavisGet Up With It2CDR/LS1974*** 1/22:04:05
Miles DavisIn A Silent WayCD1969*****38:09
Miles DavisIn Person at the Blackhawk, CompleteCD box set1961**** 1/24:01:23
Miles DavisJazz Track (mono)CD1957****46:59
Miles DavisKind of BlueCD1959*****55:25
Miles DavisKind of Blue (mono)CD1959*****45:41
Miles DavisKind of Blue [Legacy Edition]2CDR1959**** 1/22:01:25
Miles DavisLive Around The WorldCDR/LS1996*** 1/21:10:48
Miles DavisLive At The Fillmore 1970: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 3CD box set2014****4:10:35
Miles DavisLive in Tokyo 19752CD2015****1:19:59
Miles DavisLive-Evil2CDR/LS1971****1:41:59
Miles DavisMiles AheadCD1957****52:13
Miles DavisMiles Ahead (mono)CD1957****37:19
Miles DavisMiles Davis And The Modern Jazz GiantsCDR/LS1956*** 1/242:13
Miles DavisMiles Davis At Newport 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4CD box set2015****4:55:59
Miles DavisMiles Davis In EuropeCDR/LS1963*** 1/21:19:56
Miles DavisMiles Davis at Carnegie Hall2CDR/LS1961****1:26:27
Miles DavisMiles In The SkyCD1968****1:12:04
Miles DavisMiles In TokyoCDR/LS1964****54:17
Miles DavisMilestonesCD1958*** 1/21:08:51
Miles DavisMilestones (mono)CD1958****48:16
Miles DavisMy Funny Valentine - Miles Davis In ConcertCDR/LS1965****1:03:14
Miles DavisNefertitiCD1967****1:06:22
Miles DavisOn The CornerCD1972****54:47
Miles DavisPangaea2CDR/LS1975****1:28:58
Miles DavisPorgy And BessCD1958**** 1/258:56
Miles DavisPorgy And Bess (mono)CD1959**** 1/251:49
Miles DavisQuiet NightsCD1963*** 1/239:44
Miles DavisRubberbandCD2019****1:01:47
Miles DavisSan Francisco 1970CD2014*** 1/21:03:52
Miles DavisSeven Steps to HeavenCD1963****57:22
Miles DavisSketches of SpainCD1960*****1:00:44
Miles DavisSketches of Spain (mono)CD1960*****41:48
Miles DavisSo What: The Complete 1960 Amsterdam Concerts2CDR/LS2013****2:20:35
Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will ComeCD1961****55:01
Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will Come (mono)CD1961****42:28
Miles DavisSorcererCD1967****52:54
Miles DavisStar PeopleCDR/LS1983****58:46
Miles DavisSteamin' with the Miles Davis QuintetCD1956****39:48
Miles DavisTake Off: The Complete Blue Note Albums2CD2014****1:37:58
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDR/LS box set1970**** 1/25:50:07
Miles DavisThe Complete Birth of the CoolCD1949****1:19:25
Miles DavisThe Complete Columbia Studio Recordings 1965-1968CD box set1998****7:21:42
Miles DavisThe Complete Concert 1964 My Funny Valentine + Four & More2CDR1964****2:00:26
Miles DavisThe Complete In A Silent Way SessionsCD box set2001**** 1/23:31:03
Miles DavisThe Complete Jack Johnson SessionsCDR/LS box set2003****6:08:36
Miles DavisThe Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965CDR/LS box set1965**** 1/27:32:09
Miles DavisThe Lost Broadcast: Fillmore West 9th April 1970CD2015****1:05:48
Miles DavisThe Man With The HornCDR/LS1981***52:41
Miles DavisThe Miles Davis Quintet at Peacock AlleyCDR/LS1956*** 1/21:13:58
Miles DavisThe Musings of MilesCDR1955*** 1/235:49
Miles DavisThe New Miles Davis QuintetCDR/LS1955****34:07
Miles DavisTokyo 1973CD2016****1:23:00
Miles DavisTutuCDR/LS1986*** 1/242:23
Miles DavisWater BabiesCD1976****1:03:10
Miles DavisWorkin' With The Miles Davis QuintetCD1956****42:12
Miles DavisYou're Under ArrestCDR/LS1985***43:02
Miles Davis All StarsWalkin'CD1954**** 1/237:41
Miles Davis QuintetFreedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5CD box set2016*** 1/23:14:42
Miles Davis QuintetHarmon Gymnasium, University Of California, Berkeley CA, April 7th 1967CD2014*** 1/255:19
Miles Davis QuintetLive At The Oriental Theatre 19662CDR/LS2010***1:30:46
Miles Davis QuintetLive In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1CDR/LS box set2011****4:23:58
Miles Davis QuintetLive In Europe 1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 2CD box set2013*** 1/22:57:54
Miles Davis QuintetLive in Berlin 1969CD1969*** 1/21:19:03
Miles Davis QuintetMiles SmilesCD1967**** 1/241:43
Miles Davis QuintetThe Complete 1960 Holland ConcertsCD box set2014****3:32:32
The Miles Davis QuintetRelaxin' With The Miles Davis QuintetCD1956****37:06