Marty Ehrlich (8 albums, 12 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Marty EhrlichFablesCDR/LS2010****44:58
Marty EhrlichNews on the RailCD2005****53:55
Marty EhrlichPliant PlaintCDR/LS1987****43:25
Marty EhrlichSongCDR/LS1999*** 1/250:26
Marty EhrlichTrio ExaltationCD2018**** 1/255:58
Marty Ehrlich Large EnsembleA Trumpet In The MorningCD2013**** 1/21:15:24
Marty Ehrlich Rites QuartetThings Have Got To ChangeCDR/LS2009****54:36
Marty Ehrlich and The Dark Woods EnsembleEmergency PeaceCDR/LS1991****1:01:41