John Coltrane (84 albums, 87 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
John Coltrane1963: New DirectionsCD box set2018****3:35:22
John ColtraneA Love SupremeCD2003*****32:48
John ColtraneA Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)2CDR/LS1964**** 1/21:50:18
John ColtraneA Love Supreme: The Complete Masters (Super Deluxe Edition)CD box set2015**** 1/22:43:32
John ColtraneAfro Blue Impressions (1993)2CD1993****1:35:26
John ColtraneAfro Blue Impressions (2013)2CD2013****2:05:50
John ColtraneBahiaCD1965****36:29
John ColtraneBlack PearlsCD1958****38:57
John ColtraneBlue TrainCD2003**** 1/259:25
John ColtraneBlue WorldCD2019****36:37
John ColtraneBoth Directions At Once: The Lost Album (Deluxe Edition)2CD2018****1:28:52
John ColtraneBye Bye BlackbirdCDR/LS1962****36:42
John ColtraneColtrane JazzCD1960not rated1:12:44
John ColtraneColtrane Plays The BluesCD1960*** 1/21:14:37
John ColtraneColtrane Plays The Blues (mono)CD2016****40:57
John ColtraneColtrane's SoundCD1964****50:35
John ColtraneColtrane/Prestige 7105CD1957****41:54
John ColtraneComplete Live at the Sutherland LoungeCD box set2012*** 1/22:45:03
John ColtraneDakarCD1957****39:40
John ColtraneExpressionCD1967**** 1/239:18
John ColtraneExpression (Bonus Track)CDR/LS1967**** 1/251:18
John ColtraneFirst Meditations (for quartet)CD1977**** 1/252:20
John ColtraneGiant StepsCD1960**** 1/237:42
John ColtraneGiant Steps (mono)CD2016**** 1/237:32
John ColtraneImpressionsCD1963*** 1/236:34
John ColtraneIn EuropeCDR/LS box set2001****3:38:48
John ColtraneInfinityCD1972*** 1/236:48
John ColtraneInterstellar SpaceCD1967****54:09
John ColtraneKulu Sé MamaCD2009****34:04
John ColtraneLast Performance at Newport July 2 1966CDR/LS2009****56:04
John ColtraneLive Trane: The European ToursCD box set2001****8:09:19
John ColtraneLive at BirdlandCD1996*** 1/243:47
John ColtraneLive at the Village Vanguard Again!CD1966*** 1/241:41
John ColtraneLive in Japan Deluxe EditionCD box set1966****4:41:20
John ColtraneLush LifeCD1961**** 1/236:36
John ColtraneMeditationsCD2009****40:35
John ColtraneMore Live at the Showboat 1963CD2010****1:07:36
John ColtraneMy Favorite ThingsCD1961*****40:41
John ColtraneMy Favorite Things (Bonus Tracks)CDR/LS1960*****46:37
John ColtraneMy Favorite Things: Coltrane at NewportCD2007**** 1/21:19:37
John ColtraneMy Favorite Things: The Stereo & Mono Versions2CD2017**** 1/22:10:36
John ColtraneNewport '63CD1963**** 1/256:52
John ColtraneOffering: Live at Temple University2CD2014****1:31:50
John ColtraneOlé ColtraneCD1961**** 1/245:57
John ColtraneOlé Coltrane (mono)CD2016**** 1/237:05
John ColtraneOmCD1965****28:56
John ColtraneOne Down, One Up: Live at the Half Note2CD1965****1:26:44
John ColtraneSelflessnessCDR/LS1965****40:40
John ColtraneSettin' The PaceCD1962*** 1/240:41
John ColtraneSettin' The Pace (2008)CDR/LS1962****52:43
John ColtraneSoultraneCD1958****39:57
John ColtraneStandard ColtraneCD1958****34:48
John ColtraneStardustCD1963****37:18
John ColtraneStellar RegionsCD1995**** 1/21:00:54
John ColtraneSun ShipCD1965**** 1/242:35
John ColtraneSun Ship: The Complete Session2CD2013****1:47:20
John ColtraneThe 1961 Newport SetCDR/LS2012*** 1/21:14:47
John ColtraneThe BelieverCD1958*** 1/244:43
John ColtraneThe Bethlehem Years2CDR/LS1957****2:12:37
John ColtraneThe Classic Quartet: Complete Impulse! Studio RecordingsCD box set11/17/1998*****8:44:49
John ColtraneThe Coltrane Legacy (mono)CD2016not rated40:19
John ColtraneThe Complete 1961 Village Vanguard RecordingsCD box set1961**** 1/24:29:27
John ColtraneThe Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic RecordingsCD box set1995**** 1/27:58:59
John ColtraneThe Major Works of John Coltrane2CD1965**** 1/22:21:59
John ColtraneThe Olatunji Concert: The Last Live RecordingCD1967***1:03:44
John ColtraneThe Paris ConcertCDR/LS1962****41:28
John ColtraneThe Prestige RecordingsCD box set1991**** 1/218:15:21
John ColtraneThe Stardust SessionCDR1958****1:09:30
John ColtraneTransitionCD1970*** 1/242:16
John ColtraneWheelin' & Dealin'CDR/LS1957*** 1/21:06:05
John Coltrane & FriendsSideman: Trane's Blue Note SessionsCD box set2014****3:35:08
John Coltrane 4tetLive In France July 27/28 1965 The Complete Concerts2CD2009****1:51:39
John Coltrane QuartetBalladsCD1962****32:18
John Coltrane QuartetBallads (Deluxe Edition)2CDR/LS2002****1:21:25
John Coltrane QuartetColtraneCD1962**** 1/240:04
John Coltrane QuartetCrescentCD1964**** 1/240:34
John Coltrane QuartetLive At Penn State '63CD2015*** 1/21:09:57
John Coltrane QuartetLive at the Showboat2CD2006*** 1/21:50:33
John Coltrane QuartetThe 1962 Graz Concert Complete Edition2CD1962****2:11:34
John Coltrane QuartetThe Complete 1963 Copenhagen Concert2CD1963****1:28:00
John Coltrane QuartetThe Complete Africa/Brass Sessions2CD1965**** 1/21:29:20
John Coltrane QuartetThe John Coltrane Quartet PlaysCD1965****37:46
John Coltrane With The Red Garland TrioTraneing InCD1957****37:51
The John Coltrane QuartetThe Inch WormCDR/LS1962****40:17