Horace Silver (15 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Horace SilverA Prescription For The Blues1997*** 1/251:57
Horace SilverBlowin' the Blues Away1959****42:58
Horace SilverHorace Silver And The Jazz Messengers1955****43:55
Horace SilverJazz Has A Sense Of Humor1999****47:33
Horace SilverLive at Newport '582007*** 1/244:46
Horace SilverThe Baghdad Blues1959***1:10:42
Horace SilverThe Hardbop Grandpop1996*** 1/21:02:37
Horace Silver Quintet6 Pieces of Silver1956****58:03
Horace Silver QuintetDoin' The Thing - At The Village Gate1961****53:57
Horace Silver QuintetFurther Explorations By The Horace Silver Quintet1958*** 1/242:27
Horace Silver QuintetHorace-Scope1960****39:19
Horace Silver QuintetSerenade to a Soul Sister1968****37:56
Horace Silver QuintetSong for My Father1964**** 1/21:01:09
Horace Silver QuintetThe Cape Verdean Blues1965*** 1/243:41
Horace Silver QuintetThe Tokyo Blues1962****40:01