Henry Threadgill (13 albums, 13 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Henry ThreadgillEasily Slip Into Another World1987****46:58
Henry ThreadgillHenry Threadgill: The Complete Remastered Recordings On Black Saint & Soul Note2011*** 1/25:16:14
Henry ThreadgillToo Much Sugar for a Dime1993****53:40
Henry Threadgill & AirThe Complete Novus & Columbia Recordings Of Henry Threadgill & Air2010****8:07:25
Henry Threadgill & Make a MoveEverybodys Mouth's a Book2001****50:31
Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: AGGDirt… And More Dirt2018****41:00
Henry Threadgill Ensemble Double UpOld Locks and Irregular Verbs2015**** 1/247:01
Henry Threadgill Ensemble Double UpPlays Double Up Plus2018****49:11
Henry Threadgill ZooidIn For A Penny, In For A Pound2015**** 1/21:19:10
Henry Threadgill ZooidThis Brings Us To, Volume I2009****39:03
Henry Threadgill ZooidThis Brings Us To, Volume II2010****43:33
Henry Threadgill ZooidTomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Spp2012**** 1/244:14
Henry Threadgill's ZooidUp Popped the Two Lips2001****45:28