Grant Green (20 albums, 23 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Grant GreenAm I Blue1963*** 1/242:03
Grant GreenBorn To Be Blue1961****59:08
Grant GreenFeelin' the Spirit1962****47:02
Grant GreenFunk in France: From Paris to Antibes (1969-1970)2018****1:58:17
Grant GreenGoin' West1962****34:04
Grant GreenGrant's First Stand1961*** 1/240:03
Grant GreenGrantstand1961*** 1/242:47
Grant GreenGreen Street1961*** 1/254:10
Grant GreenHis Majesty King Funk1965*** 1/233:24
Grant GreenI Want To Hold Your Hand1965*** 1/241:31
Grant GreenIdle Moments1963**** 1/21:04:11
Grant GreenMatador1964*** 1/251:08
Grant GreenReaching Out1961****1:05:48
Grant GreenSlick! Live at Oil Can Harry's2018****1:07:05
Grant GreenSolid1995*** 1/247:35
Grant GreenSunday Mornin'1961**** 1/247:07
Grant GreenTalkin' About1964*** 1/241:05
Grant GreenThe Complete Blue Note Recordings of Grant Green with Sonny Clark1991****3:26:47
Grant GreenThe Latin Bit1962***59:56
Grant GreenThe Main Attraction1976*** 1/237:44