Gerry Mulligan (9 albums, 16 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Gerry MulliganAt the Village Vanguard1960*** 1/240:50
Gerry MulliganButterfly With Hiccups1964*** 1/236:20
Gerry MulliganLonesome Boulevard1990*** 1/249:16
Gerry MulliganMosaic Select 21: Gerry Muligan2005****3:38:30
Gerry MulliganMulligan Plays Mulligan1951*** 1/238:13
Gerry MulliganSomething Borrowed Something Blue1966*** 1/239:48
Gerry MulliganSymphonic Dreams1987*** 1/252:06
Gerry MulliganThe Age Of Steam1972****38:34
Gerry MulliganWhat Is There To Say?1959*** 1/241:10