Fred Hersch (13 albums, 12 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Fred HerschAlone at the VanguardCD2011****1:11:19
Fred HerschOpen BookCD2017**** 1/256:45
Fred HerschSoloCD2015**** 1/21:00:39
Fred HerschSongs Without WordsCD box set2001*** 1/23:05:48
Fred HerschThelonious: Fred Hersch Plays MonkCD1998****53:00
Fred Hersch EnsembleLeaves of GrassCD2005****1:06:23
Fred Hersch TrioAlive at the Vanguard2CD2012**** 1/21:55:46
Fred Hersch TrioFloatingCD2014**** 1/258:36
Fred Hersch TrioHorizonsCDR/LS1984*** 1/243:51
Fred Hersch TrioLive at the Village VanguardCD2003*** 1/21:16:11
Fred Hersch TrioLive in EuropeCD2018****1:03:56
Fred Hersch TrioSunday Night at the VanguardCD2016****1:07:59
Fred Hersch TrioWhirlCD2010****56:08