Dexter Gordon (31 albums, 36 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Dexter GordonA Cantata1978*** 1/243:02
Dexter GordonA Swingin' Affair1962****38:30
Dexter GordonAmerican Classic1982*** 1/245:08
Dexter GordonBallads1991****1:03:35
Dexter GordonBlue Dex: Dexter Gordon Plays The Blues1996*** 1/21:10:52
Dexter GordonBody And Soul1967*** 1/258:43
Dexter GordonBoth Sides Of Midnight1967****53:58
Dexter GordonCa' Purange1972****38:28
Dexter GordonClubhouse1965****39:16
Dexter GordonDaddy Plays The Horn2000*** 1/241:42
Dexter GordonDexter Blows Hot and Cool1995*** 1/239:11
Dexter GordonDexter Calling...1961****43:12
Dexter GordonDoin' Allright1961****54:02
Dexter GordonGeneration1972****41:47
Dexter GordonGettin' Around1965****59:04
Dexter GordonGo!1962*****37:44
Dexter GordonHomecoming: Live At The Village Vanguard1977****2:11:41
Dexter GordonKing Neptune1964****50:58
Dexter GordonLive at Carnegie Hall1978****1:16:45
Dexter GordonMore Power!1969****39:59
Dexter GordonOne Flight Up1964****48:17
Dexter GordonOur Man in Amsterdam1969****1:19:09
Dexter GordonOur Man in Paris1963****50:03
Dexter GordonTake The 'A' Train1967*** 1/21:07:37
Dexter GordonThe Apartment1992**** 1/248:29
Dexter GordonThe Panther!1970****43:50
Dexter GordonThe Tower of Power1993****35:53
Dexter Gordon QuartetBouncin' with Dex1975****46:43
Dexter Gordon QuartetLove For Sale1964****51:49
Dexter Gordon QuartetSomething Different1975*** 1/21:06:57
Dexter Gordon QuartetThe Shadow Of Your Smile1971****45:16