David S. Ware (13 albums, 20 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
David S. WareBalladWareCD2006*** 1/21:09:20
David S. WareGodspelizedCDR/LS1996*** 1/21:06:47
David S. WareLive in the NetherlandsCDR/LS2001*** 1/239:09
David S. WareShaktiCDR/LS2008****1:08:15
David S. WareThird Ear RecitationCD1993****59:11
David S. Ware QuartetCryptologyCDR/LS1995****1:01:42
David S. Ware QuartetDaoCDR/LS1995*** 1/21:12:44
David S. Ware QuartetRenunciationCDR/LS2007****1:02:59
David S. Ware QuartetThe Freedom SuiteCDR/LS2002**** 1/239:25
David S. Ware QuartetWisdon of UncertaintyCD1996****1:02:35
David S. Ware QuartetsLive in the WorldCDR/LS box set2005****3:45:52
David S. Ware String EnsembleThreadsCD2003****44:46
David S. Ware TrioLive in New York, 20102CD2017**** 1/22:09:34