Dave Douglas (26 albums, 35 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Dave DouglasBow River Falls2004****58:30
Dave DouglasCharms of the Night Sky8/4/1998**** 1/256:05
Dave DouglasFive1995****1:00:31
Dave DouglasFreak In2003****1:05:05
Dave DouglasIn Our Lifetime1995****1:11:49
Dave DouglasMeaning And Mystery2006****1:01:17
Dave DouglasMountain Passages2005*** 1/254:27
Dave DouglasMoving Portrait1998*** 1/21:04:49
Dave DouglasSongs for Wandering Souls1998****56:16
Dave DouglasSoul On Soul2000****1:09:36
Dave DouglasStargazer1996****1:00:31
Dave DouglasStrange Liberation1/27/2004****57:47
Dave DouglasThe Infinite2001****54:16
Dave DouglasThree Views: Greenleaf Portable Series2011*** 1/22:00:45
Dave DouglasWitness2000****1:06:52
Dave Douglas & KeystoneMoonshine2008****56:34
Dave Douglas & KeystoneSpark Of Being2010*** 1/22:43:02
Dave Douglas Brass EcstasyUnited Front at Newport2010****45:04
Dave Douglas QuintetBe Still2012****42:56
Dave Douglas QuintetBrazen Heart2015****1:05:00
Dave Douglas QuintetLive at the Jazz Standard2007****1:58:39
Dave Douglas QuintetTime Travel2013****54:04
Dave Douglas' High RiskDark Territory2016****40:12
Dave Douglas' High RiskHigh Risk2015****41:00
Dave Douglas' Tiny Bell TrioConstellations1995****58:56
Dave Douglas' Tiny Bell TrioThe Tiny Bell Trio1994*** 1/255:39