Chris Potter (11 albums, 15 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Chris PotterCircuitsCD2019**** 1/21:01:33
Chris PotterGratitudeCDR/LS2001****1:11:03
Chris PotterSong For AnyoneCDR2007*** 1/21:12:42
Chris PotterThe Dreamer Is the DreamCD2017****50:06
Chris PotterThe SirensCD2013**** 1/21:03:41
Chris PotterTraveling MerciesCDR/LS2002****1:04:05
Chris PotterVertigoCDR/LS1998*** 1/21:03:20
Chris Potter QuartetLift: Live At The Village VanguardCD2004****1:16:42
Chris Potter UndergroundFollow the Red Line: Live at the Village VanguardCD2007**** 1/21:15:21
Chris Potter UndergroundUndergroundCD2006****1:09:48
Chris Potter Underground OrchestraImaginary CitiesCD2015****1:11:12