Chick Corea (8 albums, 23 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Chick CoreaMy Spanish HeartCDR/LS1976****1:17:37
Chick CoreaNow He Sings, Now He SobsCDR/LS1968****1:08:48
Chick CoreaReturn To ForeverCD1972*****46:49
Chick CoreaThe Continents: Concerto For Jazz Quintet & Chamber Orchestra2CDR/LS2012*** 1/22:19:20
Chick CoreaThe VigilCD2013****1:17:28
Chick Corea & FriendsRemembering Bud PowellCDR/LS1997****1:13:49
Chick Corea TrioTrilogyCD box set2014****3:24:54
Chick Corea and Return to ForeverLight as a FeatherCD1972**** 1/243:05