Charles Mingus (27 albums, 31 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Charles MingusAt UCLA 19652CDR/LS2006*** 1/21:27:31
Charles MingusBlues & RootsCD1959****38:49
Charles MingusChanges OneCDR/LS1974****44:42
Charles MingusChanges TwoCDR/LS1974*** 1/243:02
Charles MingusCharles Mingus in Paris: The Complete America Session2CDR/LS1970***1:59:17
Charles MingusEast CoastingCD2010*** 1/21:19:30
Charles MingusJazz Composers WorkshopCDR/LS1954*** 1/245:08
Charles MingusJazz In Detroit/Strata Concert Gallery/46 SeldenCD box set2018****4:10:28
Charles MingusJazz Portraits: Mingus in WonderlandCDR/LS1959****44:12
Charles MingusLet My Children Hear MusicCDR1971****59:59
Charles MingusMingus Ah UmCD1959**** 1/21:12:32
Charles MingusMingus At AntibesCD1960**** 1/21:11:43
Charles MingusMingus At Carnegie HallCDR/LS1974****46:36
Charles MingusMingus At MontereyCDR/LS1964****1:00:30
Charles MingusMingus At The BohemiaCDR/LS1955*** 1/21:04:47
Charles MingusMingus DynastyCD1960****59:39
Charles MingusMingus Mingus Mingus Mingus MingusCD1963****45:46
Charles MingusMingus Plays PianoCDR/LS1963*** 1/250:39
Charles MingusNew Tijuana MoodsCDR/LS1957*** 1/21:08:24
Charles MingusOh YeahCD1962**** 1/21:07:03
Charles MingusPithecanthropus ErectusCDR/LS1956**** 1/236:33
Charles MingusPithecanthropus Erectus (Giants of Jazz)CDR1957****1:11:56
Charles MingusThe Black Saint and The Sinner LadyCD1995*****39:25
Charles MingusThe ClownCD1957****40:40
Charles MingusThe Great Concert of Charles Mingus2CD1964****2:07:15
Charles MingusTonight at NoonCDR/LS1961****38:14
Charles MingusTown Hall ConcertCDR/LS1964****45:19