Charles Lloyd (17 albums, 22 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Charles LloydCantoCD1997****1:05:18
Charles LloydFish Out Of WaterCDR/LS1989***57:50
Charles LloydForest Flower/SoundtrackCD1967*****1:18:58
Charles LloydJumping the CreekCDR4/5/2005****1:08:51
Charles LloydLift Every Voice2CDR/LS2002****2:10:53
Charles LloydManhattan Stories2CD2014****1:24:49
Charles LloydNotes From Big SurCDR/LS1992*** 1/21:00:42
Charles LloydRabo de NubeCD2007****1:15:03
Charles LloydSangamCD2006****1:14:58
Charles LloydThe CallCDR/LS1993****1:17:01
Charles LloydThe Water Is WideCDR/LS2000**** 1/21:08:27
Charles LloydVoice In The NightCDR/LS1999**** 1/21:08:21
Charles LloydWild Man DanceCD2015****1:14:28
Charles Lloyd & The MarvelsI Long To See YouCD2016**** 1/21:07:49
Charles Lloyd New QuartetPassin' ThruCD2017**** 1/21:14:50
Charles Lloyd QuartetDream WeaverCDR1966*** 1/243:54
Charles Lloyd QuartetMirrorCDR/LS2010**** 1/21:12:58