Carla Bley (13 albums, 22 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Carla BleyBig Band Theory1993*** 1/249:19
Carla BleyBirds Of Paradise2000*** 1/21:16:44
Carla BleyDinner Music1977****48:20
Carla BleyFancy Chamber Music1997*** 1/253:22
Carla BleyFleur Carnivore1988*** 1/255:49
Carla BleyHeavy Heart1984*** 1/239:02
Carla BleyLive!1981****41:38
Carla BleyLooking for America2003****59:45
Carla BleySocial Studies1981*** 1/241:29
Carla BleyThe Very Big Carla Bley Band1990*** 1/252:51
Carla BleyTropic Appetites1973*** 1/247:38
Carla Bley and Her Remarkable Big BandAppearing Nightly2006*** 1/254:00
The Carla Bley BandI Hate To Sing1984***48:15