Andrew Hill (15 albums, 18 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Andrew HillAndrew!!!1964****51:18
Andrew HillBlack Fire1963**** 1/251:50
Andrew HillChange2007****55:33
Andrew HillCompulsion!!!!!1965****40:55
Andrew HillDance With Death1968****45:58
Andrew HillDusk2000**** 1/259:47
Andrew HillGrass Roots1968****1:09:06
Andrew HillJudgment!1964****48:10
Andrew HillLift Every Voice1969*** 1/21:10:24
Andrew HillMosaic Select 16: Andrew Hill2005****3:32:17
Andrew HillMosaic Select 23: Andrew Hill - Solo2006****2:58:35
Andrew HillPassing Ships2003****47:40
Andrew HillPoint of Departure1964**** 1/257:18
Andrew HillSmoke Stack1963****1:00:52
Andrew HillSpiral1975*** 1/244:44