Michael Leonhart Orchestra
Suite Extracts Vol. I

Michael Leonhart Orchestra - Suite Extracts Vol. I

  • Release date: 2019
  • Genre: Jazz/Big Band
  • Format: CD
  • Category: jazz
  • Duration: 1:02:30
  • ****
  • Added October 4, 2019
  • Played November 24, 2019
  • Rated October 6, 2019


1. Fela Kuti - Alu Jon Jonki Jon (from "The Afrobeat Suite")not rated6:00
2. Michael Leonhart - La Fuga Di Derek (from "The Spinal Tap Suite")not rated3:00
3. Harry Shearer/Michael McKean/Christopher Guest/Rob Reiner//Ornette Coleman - Big Bottom / Lonely Woman (from "The Spinal Tap Suite")not rated11:10
4. Michael Leonhart - Dance Of The Maidens At Stonehenge (from "The Spinal Tap Suite")not rated3:10
5. Willie Dixon - Built For Comfort (from "The Chess Suite")not rated5:37
6. Christopher Guest/Harry Shearer/Michael McKean/Rob Reiner - Jazz Odessey / Lick My Love Pump (from "The Spinal Tap Suite")not rated8:07
7. Edward Brigati/Felix Cavaliere/Robert Diggs/Gary Grice/Joe Zawinul - Liquid Swords (from "The Wu-Tang Suite")not rated3:07
8. Robert Diggs/Dennis Coles/Gary Grice/Lamont Jody Hawkins/Jason Hunter/Russell T. - Da Mystery Of Cheeseboxin' (from "The Wu-Tang Suite")not rated3:14
9. Michael Leonhart/Donny McCaslin - Liquid Chamber (from "The Wu-Tang Suite")not rated1:33
10. Robert Diggs/Russell T. Jones//Corey Woods/Robert Diggs/Elgin Turner/Dennis Cole - Shimmy Shimmy Ya / Glaciers Of Ice (from "The Wu-Tang Suite")not rated3:07
11. Michael Leonhart - The Ballad Of St. Hubbins (from "The Spinal Tap Suite")not rated10:04
12. A.B. Oluremi/C. Apaokagi/O. Owudemi//Fela Kuti - Quiet Man Is Dead Man / Opposite People (from "The Afrobeat Suite")not rated4:15

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