Various artists (168 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists100 Greatest Rock Songs of the 90sMP3not rated7:29:20
Various artists18 Classics From The Dark SideMP3not rated1:05:36
Various artists18 Grooves From... The Wild Side Volume 1CD1991not rated1:14:38
Various artists80's Giga Hits CollectionMP32009not rated40:11:32
Various artistsA Brutal Christmas: The Season In ChaosMP32002not rated45:48
Various artistsA Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk (Baroness & Unpersons split)MP32007not rated34:40
Various artistsA Punk Rock SamplerMP3not rated2:55:56
Various artistsA Tribute To ABBAMP3not rated1:03:57
Various artistsA Tribute To Van HalenMP32004not rated46:59
Various artistsA Tribute to Smoke on the WaterMP32006not rated1:33:44
Various artistsAC/DC CoversMP3not rated1:25:57
Various artistsAbsolute Power Metal-The Definitive CollectionMP32004not rated7:46:38
Various artistsAerosmiths coversMP31999not rated46:09
Various artistsAlone - Romantic Rock BalladsCDnot rated1:05:26
Various artistsApres Ski muziekMP3not rated50:15
Various artistsBattery - A Tribute To RammsteinMP32002not rated51:11
Various artistsBeautiful Voices 1MP32005not rated1:20:08
Various artistsBeautiful Voices Vol 2MP32006not rated1:16:30
Various artistsBeyond WordsCDnot rated55:57
Various artistsBlackBiker's SchlagerfestivalMP3not rated1:40:35
Various artistsBones: Original Television SountrackMP32008not rated49:13
Various artistsChristmasMP3not rated19:48
Various artistsCover UpMP3not rated1:44:55
Various artistsDanceable ShitMP3not rated1:16:47
Various artistsDark Compilation Vol.2MP3not rated1:06:00
Various artistsDarkenedMP3not rated1:55:39
Various artistsDeath ... Is just the beginning Vol.5MP3not rated2:31:58
Various artistsDebut LP Magazine (Issue 07)LP1984not rated43:31
Various artistsDebut LP Magazine Issue 05LP1984not rated44:11
Various artistsDecember 2002MP3not rated1:31:19
Various artistsDeep Purple & FriendsMP32006not rated1:19:55
Various artistsDisco MayhemMP3not rated1:36:51
Various artistsDiverse nummersMP3not rated11:43:35
Various artistsDoom Sessions Vol. 1MP32020not rated34:02
Various artistsDoom Sessions Vol. 2MP32020not rated35:59
Various artistsDoom Sessions Vol. 3MP32021not rated25:41
Various artistsDoom Sessions Volume 4 (Split)MP32021not rated38:26
Various artistsDoom Sessions, Vol. 5 (Split)MP32021not rated32:29
Various artistsDream of the wolfMP3not rated1:16:32
Various artistsElectric DreamsMP3not rated2:49:00
Various artistsEverything Louder Forever - The Very Best Of (Compilation)MP32021not rated2:34:28
Various artistsF & M (Deluxe)MP3not rated16:32
Various artistsFjord (EP)MP32022not rated21:34
Various artistsFx RadioMP32007not rated1:42:10
Various artistsGoth Metal BalladsMP3not rated1:12:48
Various artistsGothic Compilation Part XIIMP3not rated1:17:51
Various artistsGothic Love BalladsMP3not rated2:39:16
Various artistsGothic Spirits EBM Edition 5MP3not rated2:35:39
Various artistsGreatest HitsMP32009not rated10:00
Various artistsGreatest Hits of Modern RockMP3not rated6:16:34
Various artistsGuitar Hero World Tour SoundtrackMP3not rated5:27:35
Various artistsHair Metal 100: Arena RockersMP3not rated3:37:37
Various artistsHair Metal 100: Power BalladsMP3not rated3:56:39
Various artistsHardLP1981not rated52:27
Various artistsHard Rock Cafe - Modern BluesCD1998not rated1:07:59
Various artistsHard Rock Cafe: '80s Heavy MetalCD1998not rated1:07:59
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 1MP3not rated4:03:42
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 2MP3not rated2:45:32
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 2MP3not rated59:29
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 2MP3not rated1:00:05
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 3MP3not rated4:19:11
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 4MP3not rated7:12:53
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 5MP3not rated1:08:19
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 5MP3not rated3:08:18
Various artistsHeavy Metal Collections Vol. 5MP3not rated1:11:26
Various artistsHeavy Metal Original SoundtrackMP31981not rated1:24:43
Various artistsHellfest Vol.1MP32007not rated1:16:08
Various artistsHellfest Vol.2MP3not rated1:08:47
Various artistsHighway StarsMP3not rated1:28:53
Various artistsIntroducingCDnot rated21:53
Various artistsIrish Punk Drinking SongsMP32005not rated58:36
Various artistsJohn Peel All Time Festive Fifty 1982MP3not rated3:14:31
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1980 - 1985MP31980not rated13:32:20
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1992MP3not rated7:36
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1993MP3not rated7:31
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1994MP3not rated14:14
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1995MP3not rated3:30:41
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1997MP3not rated2:16:18
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1998MP3not rated
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 1999MP3not rated7:41
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 2000MP3not rated
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty 2003MP3not rated
Various artistsJohn Peel Festive Fifty All Time 2000MP3not rated3:55:48
Various artistsKings Of Rock 'N' RollTape1978not rated1:00:01
Various artistsKnock-OutMP32004not rated1:07:48
Various artistsKnuffel BalladsCD2007not rated1:14:38
Various artistsLekturama 25 jaar 25 nr. 1 hitsCD1992not rated1:36:58
Various artistsLive For IrelandCDnot rated1:01:13
Various artistsLive in Concert (Original Live Recordings)LP1981not rated
Various artistsLost boys (eighties)MP3not rated1:42:41
Various artistsMETALOWEMP3not rated26:43:29
Various artistsMP3MP32003not rated14:19
Various artistsMP3MP3not rated38:19:55
Various artistsMasters Of MiseryMP3not rated1:17:27
Various artistsMelodic Metal Anthems 8MP32014not rated1:14:01
Various artistsMetal Dreams Vol.5MP32003not rated1:07:36
Various artistsMetal Museum - Covered In Metal 1MP32006not rated1:03:19
Various artistsMetal Museum - Covered In Metal 2MP32006not rated1:07:00
Various artistsMetal Museum - Covered In Metal 3MP32006not rated1:02:05
Various artistsMetal-Hard Rock CoversMP3not rated37:07
Various artistsMetalheadz Limited Edition CD Metal Box SetMP31998not rated1:53:58
Various artistsMinistry Of Sound - Anthems Electronic 80sMP32009not rated3:13:40
Various artistsMost Wanted Rock 4CD1997not rated1:15:46
Various artistsMuziekMP3not rated39:44:48
Various artistsMuziek van AndreMP3not rated1:56:10
Various artistsNativity In Black - A Tribute To Black SabbathMP31994not rated1:12:39
Various artistsNiels muziekMP3not rated2:05:34
Various artistsO Come All Ye Faithful: Rock For ChoiceMP3not rated40:40
Various artistsPinkPop 2002MP3not rated1:11:01
Various artistsPre-Purple PeopleMP32001not rated1:05:08
Various artistsPretty In PinkTape1986not rated39:25
Various artistsPunk Goes 80'sMP32005not rated57:49
Various artistsPunk Goes 90sMP32006not rated55:34
Various artistsPunk Goes AcousticMP32003not rated1:16:39
Various artistsPunk Goes Acoustic 2MP32007not rated55:00
Various artistsPunk Goes CrunkMP32008not rated1:03:12
Various artistsPunk Goes MetalMP32000not rated1:04:53
Various artistsPunk Goes PopMP32002not rated56:39
Various artistsPunk O Rama Vol.05CD2000not rated1:12:08
Various artistsRammstein e.aMP3not rated1:32:21
Various artistsRammstein e.aMP3not rated1:28:48
Various artistsRamones Tribute Album - We're A Happy FamilyMP32003not rated46:19
Various artistsRare Hits of The 80's Vol. 44MP3not rated2:02:55
Various artistsReady To Go 3 - Women of the 90sCD1999not rated1:09:38
Various artistsReady to go - Women of the 90'sCD1998not rated1:16:35
Various artistsReady to go 2 - Women of the 90'sCDnot rated1:16:06
Various artistsRob's Eighties for GinaMP3not rated6:40:07
Various artistsRock AnthemsCD1994not rated1:18:54
Various artistsRock Anthems - Vol IICD1994not rated1:20:00
Various artistsRock In The USACD1992not rated1:14:42
Various artistsRock LegendsCD1992not rated1:11:44
Various artistsRock PowerCD1992not rated1:09:49
Various artistsRockin' SeventiesMP3not rated2:11:34
Various artistsRockin' WomenMP3not rated2:20:02
Various artistsRolling Stone Magazine's 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All TimeMP3not rated8:23:24
Various artistsSalvationTape1988not rated44:07
Various artistsShed My Skin (EP)MP32021not rated24:39
Various artistsSparksMP32010not rated1:03:25
Various artistsSplitMP32003not rated15:54
Various artistsStepping StonesCDnot rated59:56
Various artistsSymphonic Metal VIMP32013not rated1:40:24
Various artistsTarantino's FavoritesCD2000not rated47:14
Various artistsThe Best Of Gothic RockMP3not rated2:12:36
Various artistsThe Best Of Power RockMP3not rated7:11:06
Various artistsThe Best Punk Anthems...Ever!MP3not rated2:06:30
Various artistsThe Big BuzzCD1993not rated59:40
Various artistsThe Big Buzz More FuzzCD1995not rated1:13:56
Various artistsThe Big Buzz Rides AgainCDnot rated1:17:13
Various artistsThe Gereg (Deluxe Edition)MP32020not rated1:17:25
Various artistsThe Heavy Heavy MonstersoundMP3not rated3:49:06
Various artistsThe Lost Boys SoundtrackCD1987not rated43:50
Various artistsThe Sound Of Mystery 3MP32007not rated2:18:58
Various artistsThe Sound Of Mystery 4MP32007not rated1:54:13
Various artistsThe Sound of Girls Aloud Greatest HitsMP32006not rated1:05:56
Various artistsThe Ultimate CollectionMP32004not rated2:28:06
Various artistsThe Very Best Of Hard Rock BalladsMP32008not rated2:28:51
Various artistsThe coolest Cuban music samplerCDnot rated22:52
Various artistsThunderbolt: A Tribute To AC/DCMP31998not rated58:04
Various artistsTotal Thrash Metal Collection (2009) [mp3@vbr]MP3not rated1:11:53
Various artistsTwin PeaksMP31990not rated39:01
Various artistsWe Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New YearMP32008not rated51:07
Various artistsWhat's Up 4CD1996not rated1:18:31
Various artistsWhat's Up: The Greatest Rock Hits of the 90'sCD1993not rated1:18:31
Various artistsWhere Blues Meets Rock 2CDnot rated57:39
Various artistsWired up 2CD2002not rated1:17:05
Various artistsZuiver NederlandsMP3not rated1:38:53
Various artistsfun stuffMP32002not rated18:04
Various artistslet's have some fun and danceTape1993not rated