Holy Knights
A gate through the past

Holy Knights - A gate through the past

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  • Duration: 46:05
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  • Added March 18


1. March of Brave Knightsnot rated1:39
2. Sir Percival (Immortal Knights)not rated5:49
3. Lord of Nightmaresnot rated5:35
4. The Revival of the Black Demonnot rated0:57
5. Gate Through the Pastnot rated6:19
6. Love Against the Power of Evilnot rated6:14
7. Rondeau in a Minornot rated0:33
8. Quest Of Heroes, pt. 1not rated3:29
9. Quest Of Heroes, pt. 2not rated4:30
10. The Promisenot rated4:49
11. Under the Light of the Moonnot rated3:29
12. When the Rest Let Downnot rated2:42

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