Complete list of birdienumnums-vinyl's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
OStratosphereTechnotrax Vol. 4 LP4:05**** 1/2LP1992
O'BryanCan't Live Without Your LoveThe Gigolo / Can't Live Without Your Love4:15**7" Single1981
O'BryanThe GigoloThe Gigolo / Can't Live Without Your Love3:52****7" Single1981
O'chi BrownA Whiter Shade Of PaleThe Complete Reggae Music Album3:43**** 1/2LP1985
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei (DJ Ross Extended)Dragostea Din Tei (Mai Ai Hee)6:22*** 1/212" Single2004
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei (DJ Ross Radio)Dragostea Din Tei (Mai Ai Hee)4:15****12" Single2004
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei (Original Italian Version)Dragostea Din Tei (Mai Ai Hee)3:35**** 1/212" Single2004
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei (Original Romanian Version)Dragostea Din Tei (Mai Ai Hee)3:33*****12" Single2004
O-ZoneDragostea Din Tei (Unu' In The Dub Mix)Dragostea Din Tei (Mai Ai Hee)3:39****12" Single2004
O.C.SmithLittle Green Apples20 Town and Country Greats LP3:55not ratedLP1974
O.D.L. ScienceFeel the Melody (6 Ft Deep Mix)Feel the Melody (FOR SALE)6:14** 1/212" Single1993
O.D.L. ScienceFeel the Melody (Tribal Talking Drum Mix)Feel the Melody (FOR SALE)7:03*** 1/212" Single1993
O.D.L. ScienceGone into Action (Hip Hop Mix)Feel the Melody (FOR SALE)5:53***12" Single1993
O.D.L. ScienceGone into Action (Van Plan Mix)Feel the Melody (FOR SALE)6:14***12" Single1993
O.R.S. (Orlando Riva Sound)Moon BootsHitladen Spezial International3:40****LP1978
OasisBonehead's Bank Holiday(What's The Story) Morning Glory?4:03*** 1/2LP10/2/1995
OasisCast No Shadow(What's The Story) Morning Glory?4:51****LP10/2/1995
OasisChampagne Supernova(What's The Story) Morning Glory?7:27*****LP10/2/1995
OasisDon't Look Back In Anger(What's The Story) Morning Glory?4:48*****LP10/2/1995
OasisDon't Look Back In AngerLoaded4:47*****LP2020
OasisDon't Look Back In Anger90s The Songsnot ratedLP11/12/2021
OasisHello(What's The Story) Morning Glory?3:21****LP10/2/1995
OasisHey Now!(What's The Story) Morning Glory?5:41****LP10/2/1995
OasisLive ForeverAnthems*** 1/2LP7/27/2018
OasisMorning Glory(What's The Story) Morning Glory?5:03*** 1/2LP10/2/1995

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