Various Artists (50 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various ArtistsTea & Symphony: English Baroque Sound 1968-1974 / VariousLP2/7/2020not rated
Various ArtistsAll Too Much / A Little Death7" Single1/1/2014****8:45
Various ArtistsUniversal Struggle / Decisions7" Single2011****7:01
Various ArtistsShout it Out 7'' OSTHybrid CD + 7" Vinyl2011**** 1/2
Various ArtistsAutomobile / Old Coasts7" Single2011****
Various ArtistsSearching for the Now 6 7"7" Single2009***6:58
Various ArtistsBinghi Man Nah Partial / I Shall Not Cease7" Single12/9/2008**** 1/28:06
Various Artistsキラキラジブリ 4 (Kira Kira Ghibli 4)7" Single2008*****
Various ArtistsNever Run Away / They Fall7" Single2008**** 1/2
Various ArtistsNever Give Up / King Selassie7" Single2008not rated
Various ArtistsLambsbread / High Grade7" Single2008not rated
Various Artists天空の城ラピュタ(『天空の城ラピュタ』より)7" Single2007****
Various Artistsキラキラジブリ 3 (Kira Kira Ghibli 3)7" Single2007**** 1/2
Various Artistsキラキラジブリ 2 (Kira Kira Ghibli 2)7" Single2007*** 1/2
Various Artistsとなりのトトロ(『となりのトトロ』より)7" Single2007*****10:50
Various ArtistsI Can See Clear / High7" Single2007not rated
Various ArtistsThere For Me / Only Love7" Single2006****
Various ArtistsSell Off / Let It Blaze7" Single2005not rated
Various ArtistsFino Alla Fine / Survivor7" Single2001*****7:50
Various ArtistsParty / Dutty Money7" Single2000**** 1/2
Various ArtistsApricot Records 7" Promo7" Single2000not rated12:58
Various ArtistsA Smile Took Over 7" EP7" Single1999***
Various ArtistsBelieve / Amami Lara7" Single1998*****8:00
Various ArtistsDrive-In Season7" Single1996**** 1/29:49
Various ArtistsSiesta Pop7" Single3/1995not rated
Various ArtistsStay / Ferrol, Spain7" Single1995****
Various ArtistsBULL 21-0 7" Flexi7" Vinyl Flexi-Disc1994** 1/24:55
Various ArtistsInternational Pop EP7" EP1992**** 1/210:47
Various ArtistsInternational Pop 7" EP7" Single1992**** 1/210:47
Various ArtistsBULL 1-0 7'' Flexi7" Vinyl Flexi-Disc1992****4:32
Various Artists14 Hottest Rave Hits LPLP1990**** 1/21:01:19
Various ArtistsThe Mighty Quinn Soundtrack LPLP1989*** 1/244:07
Various ArtistsShadow Factory: The Sarah Records Compilation LPLP1988****48:14
Various ArtistsChantilly Lace / The Purple People Eater7" Single1986*****4:33
Various ArtistsWEA Top Hits August '85 (Volume 25)LP1985****47:25
Various ArtistsHere Come the HitsLP1985****
Various ArtistsFree 4 Track - RM2 EP7" EP1985** 1/2
Various ArtistsTop Ten With a Bullet: Motown DanceLP1984****48:13
Various ArtistsIsraelites / Jingle Jangle7" Single1984**** 1/25:25
Various ArtistsNew WaveLP1982not rated
Various ArtistsDiva OSTLP1982not rated35:43
Various ArtistsPopcorn / Baby Sittin' Boogie7" Single1981**** 1/24:31
Various ArtistsO Canada EP7" EP1976***8:34
Various ArtistsHit Machine (K-Tel) LPLP1976not rated
Various ArtistsMind Bender (K-Tel) LPLP1975not rated
Various ArtistsSound ExplosionLP1973****56:11
Various ArtistsThe Student Sound Vol 24LP1971****
Various ArtistsLove/Evil Temptation/Love Story/Sleep Walk7" Single1971**** 1/2
Various ArtistsFour Hits Vol. 2 EP7" EP1963**** 1/2
Various ArtistsO Canada/God Save the Queen/The Maple Leaf Forever EP7" EP** 1/25:51