The Primitives (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The PrimitivesEchoes And RhymesLP3/2012****36:04
The PrimitivesLazy 86 - 88LP1989****33:29
The PrimitivesLose The Reason7" Single2/18/2013**** 1/26:21
The PrimitivesLovelyLP1988*****35:34
The PrimitivesNever Kill A Secret EP7" Single3/7/2011**** 1/210:45
The PrimitivesNew Thrills10" Single5/5/2017**** 1/2
The PrimitivesPureLP1989**** 1/234:17
The PrimitivesSecrets7" Single1989*****8:02
The PrimitivesSick Of It12" Single1989**** 1/212:17
The PrimitivesSpin-O-Rama 7''7" Single9/1/2014**** 1/25:31
The PrimitivesSpin-O-Rama LPLP10/13/2014**** 1/228:31
The PrimitivesThru The Flowers7" Single1986***9:01