The June Brides (8 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The June BridesIn The Rain12" Single1986**** 1/213:56
The June BridesLondon, England 1984-1986LP2011****41:14
The June BridesMoon / Cloud7" Single6/25/2012*****7:51
The June BridesNo Place Called Home12" Single1985**** 1/210:54
The June BridesShe Seems Quite Free7" Single9/1/2014****9:39
The June BridesThe Peel Sessions12" EP1987****10:08
The June BridesThere Are Eight Million Stories...LP9/1985*****22:26
The June BridesThis Town E.P.12" Single1986**** 1/210:15