The Grass Roots (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Grass RootsAlotta MileageLP1973*** 1/236:04
The Grass RootsFeelingsLP2/1968not rated33:59
The Grass RootsGolden Grass: Their Greatest HitsLP1968**** 1/233:02
The Grass RootsLeaving It All BehindLP1969**** 1/232:29
The Grass RootsLet's Live For TodayLP1967**** 1/232:36
The Grass RootsLovin' ThingsLP1969**** 1/231:34
The Grass RootsMore Golden GrassLP1970**** 1/237:09
The Grass RootsMove AlongLP1972**** 1/235:37
The Grass RootsWait A Million Years7" Single1973**** 1/25:05