Paul McCartney (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Paul McCartneyComing Up 7"7" Single1980***11:34
Paul McCartneyPipes Of PeaceLP1983*** 1/238:22
Paul McCartneyPipes of Peace 7"7" Single1983*** 1/2
Paul and Linda McCartneyUncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 7"7" Single1971****8:56
WingsBand On The RunLP1973****40:46
WingsGoodnight Tonight 7"7" Single1979* 1/2
WingsI've Had Enough7" Single1978**** 1/27:19
WingsListen to What the Man Said 7"7" Single1975** 1/2
WingsMull of Kintyre 7"7" Single1977***
WingsVenus And MarsLP1975not rated42:47
WingsWings' Greatest LPLP1978**** 1/254:38