New Order (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
New OrderBrotherhoodLP1986*****37:09
New OrderCeremony12" Single3/8/2019*****10:46
New OrderCeremony 7"7" Single1981**** 1/29:10
New OrderConfusion 12"12" Single1983****30:33
New OrderEverything's Gone Green FOR SALE12" Single1981****11:58
New OrderGet ReadyLP9/3/2001****50:40
New OrderLost SirensLP1/14/2013****1:16:52
New OrderLow-LifeLP1985****40:24
New OrderMovementLP11/1981****35:20
New OrderMusic CompleteLP9/25/2015**** 1/21:04:21
New OrderNOMC15 FOR SALELP6/2017not rated1:53:43
New OrderPower, Corruption and LiesLP1983not rated42:36
New OrderPower, Corruption and Lies (180gr)LP1983****42:36
New OrderRepublicLP5/11/1993**** 1/247:44
New OrderSinglesLP9/9/2016**** 1/22:12:40
New OrderState Of The Nation12" Single9/1986**** 1/214:25
New OrderSubstanceLP1987not rated1:14:05
New OrderTechniqueLP1989*****39:54
New OrderTechnique (180gr)LP1989*****39:50
New OrderThe Perfect Kiss12" Single5/13/1985**** 1/217:10
New OrderTrue Faith12" Single7/1987*****11:27
New OrderTrue Faith Remix 12"12" Single1987**** 1/225:36
New OrderWaiting For The Sirens' CallLP3/28/2005****56:49