Kate Bush (25 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Kate Bush50 Words For SnowLP11/21/2011** 1/21:05:06
Kate BushAerial LPLP2005****1:20:00
Kate BushArmy Dreamers7" Single1980*****8:06
Kate BushArmy Dreamers 7"7" Single1980**** 1/28:13
Kate BushBefore The DawnLP11/25/2016****
Kate BushDirector's Cut LPLP5/31/2011** 1/2
Kate BushExperiment IV12" Single10/27/1986**** 1/216:25
Kate BushExperiment IV 7"7" Single1986****9:18
Kate BushHounds Of Love (Remaster) LPLP1985*****47:32
Kate BushHounds Of Love LPLP1985*****47:18
Kate BushKate BushLP1984*****38:14
Kate BushLionheart LPLP1978**** 1/236:52
Kate BushNever For Ever LPLP1980**** 1/237:35
Kate BushOn Stage12" EP1979**** 1/216:49
Kate BushOn Stage EP 7"7" Single1979**** 1/216:49
Kate BushRemastered In Vinyl ILP11/16/2018*****2:40:36
Kate BushRemastered In Vinyl IVLP11/30/2018****
Kate BushRocket Man7" Single1991**** 1/29:31
Kate BushThe Dreaming LPLP1982*** 1/243:56
Kate BushThe Kick Inside LPLP1978**** 1/242:40
Kate BushThe Man With the Child in His Eyes 7"7" Single1978**** 1/25:54
Kate BushThe Red Shoes (Remastered Double LP)LP1993****55:27
Kate BushThe Sensual World (Remaster) LPLP1989****41:19
Kate BushWow 7"7" Single1978****7:01
Kate BushWuthering Heights 7"7" Single1977**** 1/2