Iron Butterfly (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Iron Butterfly2 Originals of Iron Butterfly LPLP1969*** 1/21:14:50
Iron ButterflyDon't Look Down On Me7" Single1970*****5:17
Iron ButterflyHeavy (2016 Reissue)LP1968**** 1/230:09
Iron ButterflyHeavy LPLP1968**** 1/230:43
Iron ButterflyI Can't Help But Deceive You Little Girl7" Single1969**** 1/27:00
Iron ButterflyI Can't Help But Deceive You Little Girl (Mono) 7"7" Single1969****6:06
Iron ButterflyIn The Time Of Our Lives7" Single7/1969****9:09
Iron ButterflyIn the Time of Our Lives 7"7" Single1969****8:01
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-VidaLP1967**** 1/236:00
Iron ButterflyLive At The Galaxy 1967LP5/27/2014*** 1/2
Iron ButterflyMetamorphosisLP1970****40:49
Iron ButterflyPossession7" Single1971**** 1/25:20
Iron ButterflySilly Sally 7"7" Single1971*** 1/25:12