FOR SALE (336 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
FOR SALE10000 Russos - 10000 Russos FOR SALELP4/1/2015not rated43:30
FOR SALE10000 Russos - KompromatLP11/8/2019not rated
FOR SALE14 Iced Bears - Wonder FOR SALELP1991not rated1:25:42
FOR SALE1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says7" Single1968*****5:23
FOR SALE1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says (Broken)7" Single1968*****5:23
FOR SALEABBA - Arrival (Japan)LP5/25/1977not rated33:12
FOR SALEABBA - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 LP (FOR SALE)LP****58:34
FOR SALEABBA - The Best Of ABBA (ABBA's Greatest Hits) TWLP1987not rated
FOR SALEABC - The Lexicon Of LoveLP1982****37:35
FOR SALEACDC - Black Ice (FOR SALE)LP2008**** 1/258:10
FOR SALEAction Painting! - Our Heads are Round so That our Thoughts Can Fly in Any Direction FOR SALE7" Single**
FOR SALEAfter the Fire - Der Kommissar (FOR SALE)LP1982*** 1/246:53
FOR SALEAlan Parsons Project - EveLP1979not rated39:15
FOR SALEAlison Moyet - RaindancingLP1987****39:34
FOR SALEAlpinestars - Interlaken12" Single2001****17:25
FOR SALEAlpinestars - Kitzbühel Weekend EP12" Single2000****20:32
FOR SALEAlpinestars - Less Vegas EP12" Single8/9/1999***23:00
FOR SALEAlpinestars - Loverslut / Coldstar7" Single2000*** 1/2
FOR SALEAlpinestars - Loverslut / Coldstar7" Single2000*** 1/28:14
FOR SALEAlpinestars - Silicon Chick EP12" Single1999****18:22
FOR SALEAmanda Lear - Diamonds For BreakfastLP1980****39:15
FOR SALEAmanda Lear - Never Trust A Pretty FaceLP1/1979***39:25
FOR SALEAmanda Mair (FOR SALE)LP2/15/2012****34:19
FOR SALEAmerica - LiveLP1977*****44:30
FOR SALEAmii Stewart - Knock on Wood 7" FOR SALE7" Single1979****7:24
FOR SALEAnd Also The Trees - And Also The TreesLP1984****1:09:52
FOR SALEAndy Gibb - After DarkLP1980not rated40:57
FOR SALEAnna Domino - East and West + Singles SOLDLP1984**** 1/238:20
FOR SALEAnna Domino - This Time FOR SALELP1987****45:50
FOR SALEAnzen Chitai 安全地帯 - 抱きしめたい / 安全地帯 III FOR SALELP1984not rated
FOR SALEAppleseed Cast - North Star Ordination FOR SALE7" Single1/2013not rated
FOR SALEBananarama - Deep Sea SkivingLP1983not rated34:05
FOR SALEBananarama - True ConfessionsLP1986***47:47
FOR SALEBananarama - Venus12" Single1986**** 1/219:25
FOR SALEBeach Boys - The Smile SessionsLP10/28/2011**** 1/21:06:21
FOR SALEBeatles For Sale (Mono) LPLP1964not rated35:08
FOR SALEBella Vista - Was the Last EP 7" FOR SALE7" Single1998***5:36
FOR SALEBelle and Sebastian - Girls In Peacetime Want To DanceLP1/15/2015****1:00:13
FOR SALEBelle and Sebastian - How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2)12" Single1/19/2018not rated
FOR SALEBeyonce - BeyonceLP7/15/2014****2:24:35
FOR SALEBig Country - Peace In Our Time (FOR SALE)LP1988*** 1/245:08
FOR SALEBig Country - SteeltownLP10/19/1984*** 1/246:39
FOR SALEBig Country - The Seer (Big Country) (TW Official)LP1986****46:32
FOR SALEBilinda Butchers - Night And BlurLP5/8/2020not rated37:41
FOR SALEBlack Box Recorder - England Made MeLP1998**** 1/237:12
FOR SALEBlack Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us LP FOR SALELP2010not rated38:37
FOR SALEBlack Moth Super Rainbow - The House of Apples & Eyeballs FOR SALELP2006****36:15
FOR SALEBlack Ryder - Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride FOR SALELP4/21/2017****52:45
FOR SALEBlack Sabbath - Dehumanizer (FOR SALE)LP1992not rated52:13
FOR SALEBloody Knives - Death FOR SALE7" Single6/13/2013*** 1/211:33
FOR SALEBloody Knives - I Will Cut Your Heart Out For ThisLP4/15/2016not rated
FOR SALEBlue Mink - Only When I LaughLP1973*** 1/241:41
FOR SALEBlue Rodeo - Till I Am Myself Again 12"12" Single1990**** 1/211:32
FOR SALEBlue Öyster Cult - Agents Of Fortune FOR SALELP1976****36:18
FOR SALEBlues Brothers - Blues Brothers OSTLP1980**** 1/240:46
FOR SALEBoDeans - Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams FOR SALELP1986**** 1/241:51
FOR SALEBob Marley and the Wailers - ConfrontationLP1983not rated
FOR SALEBob Marley and the Wailers - SurvivalLP1979not rated
FOR SALEBob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band - The DistanceLP1982*** 1/241:05
FOR SALEBoney M. - Oceans Of Fantasy ("El Lute" Skips) (FOR SALE)LP9/21/1979*** 1/254:06
FOR SALEBoo Radleys - Wake Up!LP1995****51:24
FOR SALEBow Wow Wow - I Want Candy (Original Recordings)LP1982**** 1/245:37
FOR SALEBrideshead - World's Finest... Split Single FOR SALE7" Single1998**9:36
FOR SALEBruce Springsteen - Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.LP1973*** 1/237:03
FOR SALEBryan Adams - Into The Fire (Bryan Adams)LP1987*** 1/245:14
FOR SALEBryan Adams - Reckless (TW Official)LP1984*****37:59
FOR SALEBubby Girl - Coyote Spindle FOR SALE7" Single1994not rated
FOR SALEBucks Fizz - Bucks Fizz (FOR SALE)LP1981*** 1/2
FOR SALEBuffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield (Compilation)LP1973not rated1:14:57
FOR SALEBuffalo Springfield - Retrospective FOR SALELP1969****39:44
FOR SALEBuffalo Springfield - Retrospective: The Best Of Buffalo Springfield (FOR SALE)LP1969not rated39:44
FOR SALECLASH - Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Rush FOR SALE12" Single1991**** 1/216:49
FOR SALECabaret Voltaire - Crackdown / Just Fascination FOR SALE12" Single1983****16:48
FOR SALECall and Response - Rollerskate FOR SALE7" Single2000not rated9:51
FOR SALECamera Obscura - Desire LinesLP6/3/2013**** 1/246:52
FOR SALECamouflage - Close (We Stroke The Flames) FOR SALE12" Single1993not rated12:19
FOR SALECandlewick Green - What Kind Of SongsLP1974not rated37:09
FOR SALECarly Rae Jepsen - EMOTIONLP10/23/2015not rated43:45
FOR SALECarole King - MusicLP12/1971not rated40:13
FOR SALECarta - Sand Collector's Dream FOR SALELP7/28/2017not rated45:01
FOR SALECat Stevens - Buddha And The Chocolate BoxLP1974not rated32:04
FOR SALEChapman Family - Burn Your TownLP3/7/2011****42:25
FOR SALECharlottes - LovehappyLP1989*** 1/222:23
FOR SALECharlottes - Things Come ApartLP1991not rated
FOR SALEChina Crisis - Flaunt The ImperfectionLP1985not rated43:04
FOR SALEChina Crisis - Working With Fire And Steel (Possible Pop Songs Volume Two)LP1983not rated39:57
FOR SALEChitty Chitty Bang Bang OSTLP1968not rated37:32
FOR SALEChris DeBurgh - Spanish Train And Other StoriesLP1975not rated43:03
FOR SALEChris DeBurgh - Spanish Train and Other Stories B&W coverLP1975*****43:39
FOR SALECleaners From Venus - Living With Victoria Grey: The Very Best Of Cleaners From VenusAlbum1987****1:05:02
FOR SALEColdplay - A Head Full Of DreamsLP12/4/2015**** 1/245:48
FOR SALEColdplay - Ghost StoriesLP5/16/2014not rated40:08
FOR SALEColdplay - Kaleidoscope EP12" Single8/4/2017****24:59
FOR SALEColdplay - Mylo XylotoLP2011**** 1/244:09
FOR SALEColin Blunstone - Never Even ThoughtLP1978*** 1/235:06
FOR SALEConcrete Blonde - Bloodletting FOR SALELP1990not rated42:11
FOR SALEConnie Francis - Where the Boys Are FOR SALE7" Single1960****5:22
FOR SALECorey Hart - Boy In The BoxLP1985****41:01
FOR SALECorn Dollies - Be Small Again 12''12" Single1987**** 1/28:33
FOR SALECorn Dollies - Map of the World 12''12" Single1988**** 1/29:21
FOR SALECorn Dollies - Nothing of You 12"12" Single1989****11:46
FOR SALECorn Dollies - Shake 12''12" Single1988****7:48
FOR SALECorn Dollies - Wrecked [White Label] LP (FOR SALE)LP1989*** 1/234:44
FOR SALECrimen - Silent Animals FOR SALELP6/29/2018not rated
FOR SALECrosby & Nash - Whistling Down The WireLP7/1976**** 1/236:19
FOR SALECrosby & Nash - Wind On The WaterLP10/1975not rated40:43
FOR SALECrying For FreedomLP1983***1:30:32
FOR SALECudgels - God's ChildrenLP1992****34:10
FOR SALEDanielle Dax - Jesus Egg That WeptLP10/1984****27:33
FOR SALEDanielle Dax - Pop-EyesLP1983*** 1/235:22
FOR SALEDanse Society - Heaven Is WaitingLP1984not rated46:30
FOR SALEDanse Society - SeductionLP9/1982****32:30
FOR SALEDanse Society - Somewhere12" Single2/25/1983**** 1/217:58
FOR SALEDarren Hayman - Chants For SocialistsLP2014**** 1/240:38
FOR SALEDave Clark Five - Coast To Coast (FOR SALE)LP1965****21:06
FOR SALEDave Gahan and Soulsavers - Angels and Ghosts (FOR SALE)LP10/23/2015not rated38:25
FOR SALEDavid Bowie - ChangesOneBowieLP1976*****46:13
FOR SALEDavid Bowie - LegacyLP1/6/2017not rated1:18:17
FOR SALEDavid Bowie - Scary Monsters ...and Super Creeps LPLP1980**** 1/245:14
FOR SALEDavid Bowie - Up the Hill Backwards 7"7" Single1980****
FOR SALEDavid Cassidy - Home Is Where The Heart Is (FOR SALE)LP1976not rated31:13
FOR SALEDavid Cassidy - The Higher They Climb - The Harder They Fall (FOR SALE)LP1975***35:05
FOR SALEDead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance 1st AlbumLP1984not rated
FOR SALEDead Can Dance - Spleen And Ideal LP (2 copies FOR SALE)LP1985**** 1/238:07
FOR SALEDeerful - PeachLP6/2017**** 1/234:40
FOR SALEDef Leppard - HysteriaLP8/3/1987**** 1/21:02:32
FOR SALEDef Leppard - PyromaniaLP1/17/1983not rated45:18
FOR SALEDexys Midnight Runners - Don't Stand Me DownLP1985****46:27
FOR SALEDiana Ross - Muscles 7"7" Single1982*7:49
FOR SALEDiana Ross and The Supremes - 20 Golden Greats LPLP1978****56:54
FOR SALEDiane Dufresne - TurbulencesLP1982not rated42:00
FOR SALEDonovan - BarabajagalLP1968**** 1/234:13
FOR SALEDosh - Milk MoneyLP10/22/2013not rated46:44
FOR SALEDoug Tuttle - Doug TuttleLP1/28/2014not rated
FOR SALEDubstar - Stars12" Single1995****30:39
FOR SALEEarthmen - Figure 87" Single1994****7:54
FOR SALEEat Lights Become Lights - Habitat '67 / Queen Of Maybe / Knights Of The Green Shields (FOR SALE)12" Single6/28/2013**18:49
FOR SALEEat Lights Become Lights - Modular Living (FOR SALE)LP7/15/2013*** 1/253:43
FOR SALEEcho and the Bunnymen - CrocodilesLP1980*** 1/232:32
FOR SALEEditors - Blood (For SALE)10" Single2006*** 1/212:11
FOR SALEElectric Light Orchestra - Secret MessagesLP1983**** 1/241:03
FOR SALEEmerald Down - Scream The Sound FOR SALELP2001***1:03:38
FOR SALEEmily Fairlight - Mother of GloomLP6/21/2019**** 1/240:06
FOR SALEEric Carmen - Boats Against The Current (FOR SALE)LP1977not rated37:57
FOR SALEEric Carmen - Change Of HeartLP1978****
FOR SALEEric Carmen- Eric CarmenLP1975not rated39:38
FOR SALEFalco - 3 (German Edition) FOR SALELP1985****41:58
FOR SALEFlatmates - Potpourri (Hits, Mixes And Demos '85-'89)LP2005**** 1/21:07:17
FOR SALEFlowered Up - It's ON 7''7" Single1991***
FOR SALEFourteen Iced Bears (file under "F") - 14 Iced Bears (FOR SALE)LP1988*** 1/21:12:24
FOR SALEFreeez - Gonna Get YouLP1983** 1/2
FOR SALEFrenchmen - Powdered Blue 7"7" Single8/17/2003*** 1/27:28
FOR SALEFuzzbox - Big Bang! (FOR SALE)LP1989***38:40
FOR SALEGallery - Gallery Featuring Jim GoldLP1972***31:41
FOR SALEGary Numan - Dance 2LPLP1981****1:16:37
FOR SALEGary Numan - WarriorsLP9/16/1983**** 1/245:29
FOR SALEGene Chandler - When You're # 1LP1979****37:13
FOR SALEGene Loves Jezebel - Promise (FOR SALE)LP1983*** 1/237:37
FOR SALEGenesis - Wind & WutheringLP1977not rated50:18
FOR SALEGhost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger - Acoustic Sessions LP (For SALE)LP2010not rated
FOR SALEGladys Knight and the Pips - 2nd AnniversaryLP1975*** 1/241:44
FOR SALEGluts - Dengue Fever Hypnotic TripLP4/12/2019****40:42
FOR SALEGordon Lightfoot - Classic Lightfoot (The Best Of Lightfoot / Volume 2)LP1971not rated36:27
FOR SALEGraham Nash - Innocent EyesLP1986*** 1/234:10
FOR SALEGrand Funk Railroad - E Pluribus FunkLP1971**** 1/235:34
FOR SALEGrass Roots - Lovin' ThingsLP1969**** 1/231:34
FOR SALEGrass Roots - More Golden GrassLP1970**** 1/237:09
FOR SALEGrowth - Colour, Cut & Clarity12" Single9/16/2016not rated19:28
FOR SALEHOO (Holton's Opulent Oog) - Centipede WisdomLP6/7/2019** 1/243:22
FOR SALEHOO (Holton's Opulent Oog) - We Shall Never SpeakLP11/19/2021**
FOR SALEHaley Bonar - Big StarLP6/10/2008****31:16
FOR SALEHangman's Beautiful Daughters - The Hangman's Beautiful DaughtersLP1989****33:12
FOR SALEHangman's Beautiful Daughters - Trash Mantra12" EP1987*** 1/222:47
FOR SALEHaysi Fantayzee - Battle Hymns For Children SingingLP1983*** 1/237:25
FOR SALEHeart - MagazineLP1977**** 1/238:31
FOR SALEHeatwave - Central HeatingLP1978***41:05
FOR SALEHeaven 17 - The Luxury GapLP4/25/1983****37:14
FOR SALEHelen Reddy - Long Hard ClimbLP1973not rated29:28
FOR SALEHerman's Hermits - Greatest HitsLP1980****46:30
FOR SALEHiroshima - HiroshimaLP1979not rated39:21
FOR SALEHolly Johnson - Dreams That Money Can't BuyLP1991**** 1/239:55
FOR SALEHoly Wave - Relax (Repress)LP2014not rated
FOR SALEI, Braineater - Artist Poet ThiefLP1985***23:17
FOR SALEIce Choir - AfarLP7/24/2012***35:37
FOR SALEIggy Pop - New ValuesLP1979*** 1/238:49
FOR SALEIndelicates - American DemoLP2008***55:06
FOR SALEIndochine - 3 (2nd Copy)LP1985**** 1/240:00
FOR SALEIndochine - 3 (FOR SALE)LP1985**** 1/240:00
FOR SALEIndochine - 7000 Danses (FOR SALE)LP1987**** 1/243:54
FOR SALEInner Circle - Everything Is GreaTLP1979***39:45
FOR SALEInternet - Hive MindLP7/20/2018not rated
FOR SALEInterpol - A Fine Mess EP12" Single5/17/2019****
FOR SALEInterpol - El PintorLP9/5/2014****40:11
FOR SALEInterpol - Interpol LPLP9/13/2010not rated45:32
FOR SALEInterpol - MarauderLP8/24/2018not rated44:34
FOR SALEIron Butterfly - Heavy LPLP1968**** 1/230:43
FOR SALEIron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida LPLP1968**** 1/236:24
FOR SALEIron Butterfly - Live At The Galaxy 1967LP5/27/2014*** 1/2
FOR SALEJaggerz - We Went To Different Schools TogetherLP1970*** 1/239:37
FOR SALEJane Child - Welcome To The Real World FOR SALE12" Single1989*** 1/227:12
FOR SALEJanelle Monae - Dirty ComputerLP9/28/2018**** 1/248:47
FOR SALEJigsaw - 12 Chapters of LoveLP1980not rated
FOR SALEJim Croce - Photographs & Memories (His Greatest Hits)LP1974not rated40:33
FOR SALEJoe Cocker - Joe Cocker!LP1969**** 1/235:26
FOR SALEJoe Jackson - Look Sharp!LP1979****36:28
FOR SALEJoe Jackson - Night And DayLP1982*** 1/242:40
FOR SALEJohn Cougar Mellencamp - Uh-Huh (FOR SALE)LP1983not rated
FOR SALEJohn Fogerty - Centerfield (TW Official)LP2/11/1985not rated35:20
FOR SALEJohnny Marr - The Messenger (FOR SALE)LP2/25/2013****48:22
FOR SALEJon Anderson - Olias Of Sunhillow (FOR SALE)LP1976*** 1/2
FOR SALEJonathan Meiburg - Why I Love My Home (Black Vinyl) (FOR SALE)10" Single2/2013not rated13:28
FOR SALEJosef K - Sorry for LaughingLP1980****33:36
FOR SALEJosef K - Sorry for Laughing FOR SALELP1980****35:44
FOR SALEJoy Division - Transmission 12"12" Single1980**** 1/2
FOR SALEKate Bush - Lionheart LPLP1978**** 1/236:52
FOR SALEKate Bush - Never For Ever LPLP1980**** 1/237:35
FOR SALEKate Bush - The DreamingLP1982*** 1/243:56
FOR SALEKate Bush - The Red ShoesLP11/1/1993****55:27
FOR SALEKid Dakota - So Pretty (Expanded)LP6/29/2018****1:00:43
FOR SALEKillers - Sam's TownLP2006not rated44:00
FOR SALEKing Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - PolygondwanalandLP3/9/2018**** 1/243:46
FOR SALEKings Of Convenience - VersusLP10/22/2001**** 1/2
FOR SALEKosheen - Catch (007)12" Single2001*** 1/222:49
FOR SALEKosheen - Catch (008)12" Single2001****16:18
FOR SALEKosheen - Catch (Picture Sleeve)12" Single12/10/2001****19:15
FOR SALEKosheen - Hide U12" Single8/20/2001****17:28
FOR SALEKraftwerk - Tour De FranceLP2003*** 1/255:56
FOR SALEKraftwerk - Trans Europe ExpressLP1977****42:52
FOR SALELadytron - The Island 7''7" Single10/2018not rated6:16
FOR SALELas Cobras - Selva [Deluxe] (FOR SALE)LP2019**45:35
FOR SALELaura Gibson - If You Come To Greet MeLP8/21/2007not rated41:23
FOR SALELaura Gibson - La GrandeLP2012***35:42
FOR SALELed Zeppelin - Immigrant Song 7''7" Single1970*****6:19
FOR SALELightning In A Twilight Hour - And All The Ships At Sea (For SALE)12" Single3/2016****36:38
FOR SALELightning In A Twilight Hour - Fragments Of A Former Moon (For Sale)LP4/20/2015***49:58
FOR SALELightning In A Twilight Hour - Slow Changes (For Sale)10" Single2/9/2015**** 1/220:03
FOR SALELily Allen - Sheezus (FOR SALE)LP2014**** 1/244:26
FOR SALELimahl - Don't Suppose (FOR SALE)LP1984**41:26
FOR SALELiving In A Box - Gatecrashing NOT GOOD. SELL IT Includes bonus discLP1989****1:05:09
FOR SALELou Reed - Growing Up In Public FOR SALELP1980****36:23
FOR SALELoverboy - Keep It UpLP1983****38:21
FOR SALELucksmiths - Staring At The Sky (FOR SALE)10" EP1999*** 1/222:05
FOR SALELumerians - Fuzz Club Sessions No. 1612" Single1/29/2021**36:01
FOR SALEMagnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies7" Single1992**** 1/26:14
FOR SALEMalo - DosLP1972****36:23
FOR SALEMammoth Penguins & Friends - John DoeLP10/13/2017not rated
FOR SALEMammoth Penguins - Hide And SeekLP7/10/2015****35:44
FOR SALEMarilyn - Despite Straight LinesLP1985****
FOR SALEMarshmallow Ghosts - The Haunted And The Haunters10" LP10/2013not rated
FOR SALEMatthew Wilder - I Don't Speak The LanguageLP1983****34:18
FOR SALEMayday - Viva Love (TW Official)LP2000****49:54
FOR SALEMeat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell LPLP1977**** 1/246:41
FOR SALEMelissa Etheridge - Melissa Etheridge (FOR Sale)LP1988not rated45:50
FOR SALEMichael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition) LPLP2008**** 1/21:07:55
FOR SALEMicrodisney - Birthday Girl FOR SALE12" Single1985not rated16:05
FOR SALEMidori Takada - Through The Looking Glass FOR SALELP1983****41:20
FOR SALEMitski - Be The CowboyLP8/17/2018****32:28
FOR SALEModesty Blaise - A Beginners Guide To Modesty BlaiseLP1999** 1/243:23
FOR SALEMonkees - Golden AlbumLP1968**** 1/236:19
FOR SALEMorrissey - World Peace Is None Of Your BusinessLP7/11/2014****55:51
FOR SALEMr. T Experience - Milk Milk LemonadeLP1992***36:03
FOR SALEMt. Mountain - CentreLP2/26/2021not rated43:37
FOR SALEMyrrors - Fuzz Club SessionsLP7/27/2018****28:13
FOR SALENat Stuckey - Take Time To Love Her / I Used It All On YouLP1973***29:02
FOR SALENew Order - State Of The Nation / Shame Of The Nation12" Single9/1986**** 1/214:25
FOR SALENew Seekers - CirclesLP1972not rated42:35
FOR SALENick Drake - Family Tree LPLP2007not rated1:08:41
FOR SALENick Gilder - Rock AmericaLP1980****34:02
FOR SALENick Lowe - Labour Of LustLP1979****32:50
FOR SALENow, The - Presently Here TodayLP1987****
FOR SALEOlivia Newton-John - Don't Stop Believin' (CANADA)LP1976not rated34:38
FOR SALEOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - The Pacific Age (TW Official)LP1986***40:03
FOR SALEPat McGlynn's Scotties - Pat McGlynn's ScottiesLP1977*** 1/234:03
FOR SALEPaul McCartney - Pipes Of PeaceLP1983*** 1/238:22
FOR SALEPaul Williams - Bugsy Malone (Original Soundtrack Recording)LP1976**** 1/232:26
FOR SALEPeter Gabriel - SoLP5/19/1986****41:59
FOR SALEPetula Clark - Color My World / Who Am ILP1967*** 1/232:33
FOR SALEPetula Clark - I Know A PlaceLP1968****31:37
FOR SALEPetula Clark - The Other Man's Grass Is Always GreenerLP1968***33:50
FOR SALEPetula Clark - These Are My SongsLP1968**** 1/232:59
FOR SALEQuarterflash (FOR SALE)LP1981***40:33
FOR SALERadar Men From The Moon - The Bestial LightLP5/8/2020**41:05
FOR SALERick Astley - 50 (FOR SALE)LP6/10/2016****44:05
FOR SALESam Taylor - Sam "The Man" Taylor (TW Official)LP6/1979not rated
FOR SALESecret Shine - Elemental EP & Beyond Sea And Sky EPLP2006***24:24
FOR SALESerengeti, Tobacco & Advance Base - Be A Man7" Single8/28/2012not rated
FOR SALEShock Treatment OST - Shock TreatmentLP1981****36:41
FOR SALEShocking Blue - The Best Of The Shocking BlueLP1970*** 1/237:47
FOR SALESiddeleys - Sunshine Thuggery 12'' EP12" Single1988****9:15
FOR SALESiddeleys - What Went Wrong This Time (original 7'')? (FOR SALE)7" Single1987**** 1/26:51
FOR SALESimon and Garfunkel - All About Simon & GarfunkelLP1974**** 1/21:13:44
FOR SALESimon and Garfunkel - Bookends (US)LP1968not rated
FOR SALESimon and Garfunkel - Bookends JP (Poster)LP1968not rated29:17
FOR SALESimon and Garfunkel - Message to Young People (Best of Mood Pops Series 18 Vol 5)LP**** 1/237:55
FOR SALESisters of Mercy- First And Last And AlwaysLP1985not rated45:37
FOR SALESlowdive - PygmalionLP2/6/1995****48:35
FOR SALESpandau Ballet - ParadeLP1984***39:56
FOR SALEStargazer Lilies - Door To The SunLP6/3/2016** 1/237:18
FOR SALEStatus Quo - Twelve Gold Bars LPLP1980*** 1/246:41
FOR SALESteve Miller Band - Fly Like An EagleLP1976**** 1/238:04
FOR SALESupremes - Stoned LoveLP1/1979****50:04
FOR SALESupremes - Where Did Our Love Go (Mono)LP8/1964****29:56
FOR SALESwoone - Handcuffed Heart (FOR SALE)LP8/17/2018not rated42:17
FOR SALESylvie Vartan - Sylvie Vartan (AKA Ta Sorciere Bien Aimee)LP1976****36:59
FOR SALETeardrop Explodes - PianoLP1990not rated32:16
FOR SALETelescopes - Splashdown The Creation Days 1990-1991 (FOR SALE)LP4/21/2018not rated
FOR SALETemporalLP5/19/2017****
FOR SALETess Parks - Blood Hot (FOR SALE)LP7/5/2019not rated
FOR SALEThe Beat - I Just Can't Stop ItLP5/1980**** 1/236:23
FOR SALEThe Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - ... And The Horse You Rode In On FOR SALELP9/15/2009****38:34
FOR SALEThelma Houston - SunshowerLP1969****43:18
FOR SALEThey Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants (The Pink Album)LP7/1/1993*** 1/238:29
FOR SALEThin Lizzy - Johnny The FoxLP1976*** 1/235:38
FOR SALETina Turner - Acid QueenLP1975not rated35:16
FOR SALETrembling Blue Stars - Correspondence EP (FOR SALE)10" EP2011***33:20
FOR SALEUltravox - Rage In EdenLP1982*** 1/245:40
FOR SALEUnderground Youth - The FallingLP3/12/2021not rated
FOR SALEVA - Fritz The Cat OSTLP1972****37:57
FOR SALEVan Morrison - Blowin' Your Mind!LP1967****35:19
FOR SALEVanishing Twin - Choose Your Own AdventureLP9/2016**** 1/241:00
FOR SALEVanishing Twin - Dream By Numbers10" EP4/22/2017***22:26
FOR SALEVanishing Twin - The Age Of ImmunologyLP6/7/2019****45:11
FOR SALEVarious Artists - British Invasion The Fourth Wave (TW Official) (FOR SALE)LP1986*** 1/2
FOR SALEVarious Artists - The Reverb Conspiracy Volume Five (FOR SALE) 2 copies?LP1/19/2018**** 1/2
FOR SALEVeik - Surrounding StructuresLP8/27/2021not rated
FOR SALEVuelveteloca - Sonora Remixes (FOR SALE)LP2019not rated
FOR SALEWah! - Nah=Poo - The Art Of BluffLP1981****38:31
FOR SALEWah! - The Story Of The Blues12" Single1982**** 1/213:20
FOR SALEWaltones - You've Gotta Hand It To 'Em - The Very Best Of...LP1/14/2013**** 1/258:51
FOR SALEWarlocks - Live At Webster Hall NYC (March 6, 2006)LP8/28/2020not rated
FOR SALEWeather Girls - SuccessLP1983not rated32:22
FOR SALEWhite Swallows - Peer GimpLP2008not rated26:45
FOR SALEWhite Zombie - Astro-Creep: 2000 (Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head)LP1994***46:26
FOR SALEWhite Zombie - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1LP1992not rated57:29
FOR SALEWolfhounds - Unseen Ripples From A PebbleLP1987****
FOR SALEXTC - Drums And WiresLP8/17/1979****47:26