Editors (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
EditorsLast Day 7"7" Single2010*****6:16
EditorsA Ton Of Love7" Single6/14/2013*****8:05
EditorsBlood (For SALE)10" Single2006*** 1/212:11
EditorsThe Blanck Mass SessionsLP5/3/2019not rated37:07
EditorsThe Back RoomLP7/25/2005****43:29
EditorsIn This Light and On This Evening LPLP10/12/2009*****43:35
EditorsAn End Has a Start LPLP7/31/2007**** 1/244:33
EditorsThe Weight Of Your LoveLP6/27/2013**** 1/248:18
EditorsIn DreamLP10/2/2015**** 1/251:06
EditorsBlack GoldLP10/25/2019not rated1:10:57