Dead Kennedys (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Dead KennedysBleed for me 7"7" Single1982****6:07
Dead KennedysFresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables LPLP1980**** 1/232:55
Dead KennedysGive Me Convenience Or Give Me DeathLP1987****50:49
Dead KennedysHoliday In Cambodia12" Single1980**** 1/26:57
Dead KennedysIn God We Trust, Inc.LP1982**** 1/213:53
Dead KennedysKill the Poor 7"7" Single1980**** 1/24:48
Dead KennedysNazi Punks Fuck Off 7"7" Single1981**** 1/2
Dead KennedysPlastic Surgery DisastersLP1982****42:22
Dead KennedysToo Drunk To Fuck12" Single1981**** 1/26:24