Culture Club (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Culture ClubChurch of the Poison Mind 12"12" Single1983****9:36
Culture ClubColour By Numbers (Japanese Ed.)LP1983**** 1/242:21
Culture ClubColour By Numbers FOR SALELP1983not rated38:20
Culture ClubDo You Really Want to Hurt Me 7"7" Single1982****7:58
Culture ClubI'll Tumble 4 Ya! 7"7" Single1982****5:08
Culture ClubIt's a Miracle 7"7" Single1984*** 1/2
Culture ClubKarma Chameleon 7"7" Single1983**** 1/2
Culture ClubKissing To Be Clever LPLP1982**** 1/237:17
Culture ClubKissing To Be Clever [Japanese Edition]LP1982**** 1/237:20
Culture ClubThe Medal Song 7"7" Single1984*** 1/2
Culture ClubThe War Song 7"7" Single1984**** 1/28:03
Culture ClubThis Time - The First Four Years LPLP1987**** 1/248:30
Culture ClubTime (Clock of the Heart) 7"7" Single1982*** 1/27:19
Culture ClubVictims 7"7" Single1983*** 1/28:33
Culture ClubWaking Up With The House On Fire LPLP1984**** 1/236:52
Culture ClubWhite Boy12" Single4/30/1982**** 1/211:03