Club 8 (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Club 8Above the CityLP5/21/2013**** 1/239:15
Club 8Closer Now 7"7" Single2010****6:49
Club 8Club 8 LPLP2001**** 1/231:44
Club 8Golden IslandLP1/26/2018**** 1/230:50
Club 8Me Too7" Single10/1995**** 1/28:48
Club 8Missing You: The Remixes12" Single6/16/1999**** 1/224:24
Club 8PleasureLP11/20/2015*** 1/223:36
Club 8Remixed By Les Espions7" Single2002*****5:37
Club 8Spring Came, Rain FellLP2002****32:02
Club 8Strangely BeautifulLP6/17/2003****32:08
Club 8Summer Songs7" Single2002*****10:50
Club 8The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming LPLP3/25/2008**** 1/234:54
Club 8The Friend I Once HadLP1998**** 1/230:17
Club 8The People's Record (FOR SALE)LP5/14/2010not rated37:05
Club 8The People's Record LPLP6/8/2010**** 1/236:57