Catherine Wheel (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Catherine Wheel30 Century Man EP12" Single1992**** 1/216:29
Catherine WheelAdam And EveLP1997****59:42
Catherine WheelBalloon12" Single1992****16:57
Catherine WheelBlack Metallic12" Single1991not rated22:38
Catherine WheelBroken Nose7" Single1998*** 1/29:09
Catherine WheelChrome (Silver Vinyl)LP1993**** 1/253:51
Catherine WheelChrome FOR SALELP1993**** 1/253:56
Catherine WheelCrank12" Single1993*** 1/217:40
Catherine WheelCrank12" Single1993*** 1/211:05
Catherine WheelFerment (Orange-Gold Vinyl)LP1992**** 1/253:15
Catherine WheelFerment FOR SALELP1992****53:15
Catherine WheelHappy DaysLP1995not rated1:02:20
Catherine WheelI Want to Touch You 2x12" Single1992****
Catherine WheelPainful Thing EP12" Single1991**** 1/215:15
Catherine WheelShe's My Friend12" Single1991****14:46
Catherine WheelShow Me Mary12" Single1993**** 1/29:48