Cat Stevens (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cat StevensTeaser And The FirecatLP1971*****32:53
Cat StevensGreatest Hits LPLP1975*****39:20
Cat StevensFootsteps In The Dark: Greatest Hits Volume Two LPLP1984*****48:02
Cat StevensTea for the TillermanLP1970**** 1/236:53
Cat StevensMona Bone JakonLP1970**** 1/235:53
Cat StevensIzitsoLP1977**** 1/237:00
Cat StevensCollectedLP2007**** 1/21:25:51
Cat StevensThe World Of Cat StevensLP1970****33:34
Cat StevensForeignerLP1973****36:01
Cat StevensCatch Bull At FourLP1972****39:40
Cat StevensBuddha And The Chocolate BoxLP1974****32:04
Cat StevensBack To EarthLP12/1978****33:55
Cat StevensIzitsoLP1977not rated37:00
Cat StevensGreatest Hits (Taiwan)LP1975not rated37:18