Billy Idol (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Billy IdolDon't Stop12" EP1981*****16:36
Billy IdolCradle Of Love12" Single1990not rated20:04
Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)12" Single1984not rated15:54
Billy IdolL.A. Woman12" Single7/1990not rated17:07
Billy IdolShock To The System12" Single1993**** 1/216:03
Billy IdolRebel Yell 7"7" Single1983*** 1/26:55
Billy IdolSweet Sixteen 7''7" Single1987*** 1/28:03
Billy IdolWhite Wedding 7"7" Single1982**** 1/2
Billy IdolBilly IdolLP1982**** 1/239:09
Billy IdolCyberpunkLP1993**** 1/21:07:23
Billy IdolIdol Songs: 11 Of The Best LPLP1988**** 1/21:09:30
Billy IdolRebel YellLP1983****38:15
Billy IdolVital Idol LPLP1985****41:49