Belle and Sebastian (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Belle and SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress LPLP2003not rated48:19
Belle and SebastianFold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant LPLP2000****40:45
Belle and SebastianGirls In Peacetime Want To DanceLP1/15/2015****1:00:13
Belle and SebastianHow To Solve Our Human ProblemsBox Set2/16/2018****1:09:09
Belle and SebastianIf You're Feeling Sinister LPLP1996**** 1/241:17
Belle and SebastianPush Barman To Open Old Wounds LPLP2005**** 1/21:47:02
Belle and SebastianThe BBC SessionsLP11/18/2008not rated56:59
Belle and SebastianThe Boy With the Arab Strap LPLP1998not rated45:13
Belle and SebastianThe Life Pursuit LPLP2005**** 1/249:12
Belle and SebastianThe Third Eye CentreLP8/23/2013**** 1/21:08:55
Belle and SebastianTigermilk LPLP1996**** 1/241:37
Belle and SebastianWrite About Love LPLP10/12/2010****49:08