Adam Ant (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Adam AntAdam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner's Daughter FOR SALELP1/22/2013not rated1:08:43
Adam AntApollo 97" Single1984****7:58
Adam AntCan't Set Rules About Love7" Single1990***
Adam AntCool Zombie7" Single11/19/2012****8:27
Adam AntDesperate But Not Serious7" Single1982****6:29
Adam AntDesperate But Not Serious (1)7" Single1982****6:29
Adam AntFriend or Foe 7''7" Single1982****7:50
Adam AntFriend or Foe 7'' (1)7" Single1982****7:50
Adam AntFriend or Foe LPLP1982**** 1/239:42
Adam AntGoody Two Shoes 7"7" Single1982****7:27
Adam AntManners & PhysiqueLP1990****44:32
Adam AntPuss 'N Boots 7"7" Single1983***7:31
Adam AntRoom at the Top 7"7" Single1989***8:54
Adam AntRough Stuff12" Single1990*** 1/224:40
Adam AntRough Stuff12" Single1990not rated13:32
Adam AntStrip 7"7" Single1983****7:01
Adam AntStrip LPLP1983*** 1/239:01
Adam AntVive Le Rock7" Single1985*** 1/2
Adam AntVive Le RockLP1982****36:44
Adam AntWonderful 7"7" Single1995****8:07