B-52's, The (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
B-52's, TheTell It Like It T-I-Is12" Single1992***33:02
B-52's, TheWhammy!LP4/27/1983*** 1/237:09
The B-52'sBouncing Off the SatellitesLP1986****45:55
The B-52'sCosmic ThingLP1989**** 1/247:16
The B-52'sCosmic Thing MFSLLP1989**** 1/247:11
The B-52'sDeep Sleep7" Single1982****7:02
The B-52'sFunplexLP2008****48:16
The B-52'sGirl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland12" Single1986*** 1/227:01
The B-52'sGood StuffLP1992****48:27
The B-52'sLive! 8-24-1979LP11/27/2015*** 1/239:35
The B-52'sMesopotamia EP {UK}12" EP1982**** 1/232:58
The B-52'sMesopotamia EP {US}12" EP1982****26:17
The B-52'sParty Mix!LP1981****28:23
The B-52'sThe B-52'sLP1979**** 1/239:13
The B-52'sThe B-52's (AKA Play Loud)LP1979**** 1/239:13
The B-52'sThe B-52's MFSLLP1979**** 1/239:33
The B-52'sWild Planet MFSLLP1980****34:55
The BC-52's(Meet) The Flintstones7" Single1994****4:52