R.E.M. (34 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
R.E.M.Academy Fight Song (Live) 7"7" Single1992****7:34
R.E.M.Accelerate (45 rpm) LPLP2008****34:41
R.E.M.Around The Sun LPLP10/26/2004****55:19
R.E.M.Automatic For The PeopleLP1992not rated48:25
R.E.M.Automatic for the People LPLP1992****48:43
R.E.M.Bad Day7" Single2003not rated7:02
R.E.M.Chronic Town EP12" EP1981**** 1/220:23
R.E.M.Collapse Into Now LPLP3/8/2011**** 1/240:58
R.E.M.Dead Letter Office LPLP1987****43:10
R.E.M.Document (MFSL)LP1987*****39:40
R.E.M.Fables of the Reconstruction LPLP1985**** 1/239:43
R.E.M.Finest Worksong 12"12" Single1988****18:02
R.E.M.Get Up7" Single1988*****4:49
R.E.M.Green (25th Anniversary Edition)LP1988**** 1/240:43
R.E.M.Green LPLP1988****40:46
R.E.M.It's The End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine) 7"7" Single1987****
R.E.M.Lifes Rich PageantLP1986*****37:24
R.E.M.Lifes Rich Pageant MFSLLP1986*****37:24
R.E.M.Live At The Olympia (Box Set) 4LP, +2CD, +DVDBox Set2009not rated6:00:08
R.E.M.Losing My Religion12" Single1992**** 1/216:22
R.E.M.Monster (25th Anniersary Expanded Edition)LP1994**** 1/2
R.E.M.Monster LPLP1994*** 1/249:16
R.E.M.Murmur LPLP1983**** 1/243:54
R.E.M.New Adventures In Hi-Fi LPLP1996**** 1/21:05:30
R.E.M.Out Of Time (25th Anniversary Edition)LP1991**** 1/21:59:24
R.E.M.Out of Time LPLP3/11/1991****44:12
R.E.M.Pop Song 89 7"7" Single1988****5:59
R.E.M.R.E.M. Live LPVinyl Box Set10/15/2007**** 1/2
R.E.M.Reckoning LPLP1984**** 1/238:36
R.E.M.Reveal LPLP2001****53:43
R.E.M.Unplugged 1991 & 2001 - The Complete SessionsLP4/19/2014****2:15:22
R.E.M.Up LPLP1998*** 1/21:04:24