The Beatles
The Beatles in Stereo

The Beatles - The Beatles in Stereo

  • Release date: 11/13/2012
  • Genre: Rock/Pop
  • Format: Box Set
  • Category: Rock
  • **** 1/2
  • Added March 7, 2019
  • Rated March 7, 2019


1. I Saw Her Standing Therenot rated0:00
2. Miserynot rated0:00
3. Anna (Go To Him)not rated0:00
4. Chainsnot rated0:00
5. Boysnot rated0:00
6. Ask Me Whynot rated0:00
7. Please Please Menot rated0:00
8. Love Me Donot rated0:00
9. P.S. I Love Younot rated0:00
10. Baby It's Younot rated0:00
11. Do You Want To Know A Secretnot rated0:00
12. A Taste Of Honeynot rated0:00
13. There's A Placenot rated0:00
14. Twist And Shoutnot rated0:00
15. It Won't Be Longnot rated0:00
16. All I've Got To Donot rated0:00
17. All My Lovingnot rated0:00
18. Don't Bother Menot rated0:00
19. Little Childnot rated0:00
20. Till There Was Younot rated0:00
21. Please Mister Postmannot rated0:00
22. Roll Over Beethovennot rated0:00
23. Hold Me Tightnot rated0:00
24. You Really Gotta Hold On Menot rated0:00
25. I Wanna Be Your Mannot rated0:00
26. Devil In Her Heartnot rated0:00
27. Not A Second Timenot rated0:00
28. Moneynot rated0:00
29. A Hard Day's Nightnot rated0:00
30. I Should Have Known Betternot rated0:00
31. If I Fellnot rated0:00
32. I'm Happy Just To Dance With Younot rated0:00
33. And I Love Hernot rated0:00
34. Tell Me Whynot rated0:00
35. Can't Buy Me Lovenot rated0:00
36. Any Time At Allnot rated0:00
37. I'll Cry Insteadnot rated0:00
38. Things We Said Todaynot rated0:00
39. When I Get Homenot rated0:00
40. You Can't Do Thatnot rated0:00
41. I'll Be Backnot rated0:00
42. No Replynot rated0:00
43. I'm A Losernot rated0:00
44. Baby's In Blacknot rated0:00
45. Rock And Roll Musicnot rated0:00
46. I'll Follow The Sunnot rated0:00
47. Mr. Moonlightnot rated0:00
48. Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Heynot rated0:00
49. Eight Days A Weeknot rated0:00
50. Words Of Lovenot rated0:00
51. Honey Don'tnot rated0:00
52. Every Little Thingnot rated0:00
53. I Don't Want To Spoil The Partynot rated0:00
54. What You're Doingnot rated0:00
55. Everybody's Trying To Be My Babynot rated0:00
56. Help!not rated0:00
57. The Night Beforenot rated0:00
58. You've Got To Hide You Love Awaynot rated0:00
59. I Need Younot rated0:00
60. Another Girlnot rated0:00
61. You're Going To Lose That Girlnot rated0:00
62. Ticket To Ridenot rated0:00
63. Act Naturallynot rated0:00
64. It's Only Lovenot rated0:00
65. You Like Me Too Muchnot rated0:00
66. Tell Me What You Seenot rated0:00
67. I've Just Seen A Facenot rated0:00
68. Yesterdaynot rated0:00
69. Dizzy Miss Lizzynot rated0:00
70. Drive My Carnot rated0:00
71. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)not rated0:00
72. You Won't See Menot rated0:00
73. Nowhere Mannot rated0:00
74. Think For Yourselfnot rated0:00
75. The Wordnot rated0:00
76. Michellenot rated0:00
77. What Goes Onnot rated0:00
78. Girlnot rated0:00
79. I'm Looking Through Younot rated0:00
80. In My Lifenot rated0:00
81. Waitnot rated0:00
82. If I Needed Someonenot rated0:00
83. Run For Your Lifenot rated0:00
84. Taxmannot rated0:00
85. Eleanor Rigbynot rated0:00
86. I'm Only Sleepingnot rated0:00
87. Love You Tonot rated0:00
88. Here, There And Everywherenot rated0:00
89. Yellow Submarinenot rated0:00
90. She Said She Saidnot rated0:00
91. Good Day Sunshinenot rated0:00
92. And Your Bird Can Singnot rated0:00
93. For No Onenot rated0:00
94. Dr. Robertnot rated0:00
95. I Want To Tell Younot rated0:00
96. Got To Get You Into My Lifenot rated0:00
97. Tomorrow Never Knowsnot rated0:00
98. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bandnot rated0:00
99. With A Little Help From My Friendsnot rated0:00
100. Lucy In The Sky With Diamondsnot rated0:00
101. Getting Betternot rated0:00
102. Fixing A Holenot rated0:00
103. She's Leaving Homenot rated0:00
104. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!not rated0:00
105. Within You Without Younot rated0:00
106. When I'm Sixty Fournot rated0:00
107. Lovely Ritanot rated0:00
108. Good Morning Good Morningnot rated0:00
109. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)not rated0:00
110. A Day In The Lifenot rated0:00
111. Magical Mystery Tournot rated0:00
112. The Fool On The Hillnot rated0:00
113. Flyingnot rated0:00
114. Blue Jay Waynot rated0:00
115. Your Mother Should Knownot rated0:00
116. I Am The Walrusnot rated0:00
117. Hello Goodbyenot rated0:00
118. Strawberry Fields Forevernot rated0:00
119. Penny Lanenot rated0:00
120. Baby You're A Rich Mannot rated0:00
121. All You Need Is Lovenot rated0:00
122. Back In The U.S.S.R.not rated0:00
123. Dear Prudencenot rated0:00
124. Glass Onionnot rated0:00
125. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Danot rated0:00
126. Wild Honey Pienot rated0:00
127. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Billnot rated0:00
128. While My Guitar Gently Weepsnot rated0:00
129. Happiness Is A Warm Gunnot rated0:00
130. Martha My Dearnot rated0:00
131. I'm So Tirednot rated0:00
132. Blackbirdnot rated0:00
133. Piggiesnot rated0:00
134. Rocky Raccoonnot rated0:00
135. Don't Pass Me Bynot rated0:00
136. Why Don't We Do It In The Roadnot rated0:00
137. I Willnot rated0:00
138. Julianot rated0:00
139. Birthdaynot rated0:00
140. Yer Bluesnot rated0:00
141. Mother Nature's Sonnot rated0:00
142. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkeynot rated0:00
143. Sexy Sadienot rated0:00
144. Helter Skelternot rated0:00
145. Long Long Longnot rated0:00
146. Revolution 1not rated0:00
147. Honey Pienot rated0:00
148. Savoy Trufflenot rated0:00
149. Cry Baby Crynot rated0:00
150. Revolution 9not rated0:00
151. Good Nightnot rated0:00
152. Yellow Submarinenot rated0:00
153. Only A Northern Songnot rated0:00
154. All Together Nownot rated0:00
155. Hey Bulldognot rated0:00
156. It's All Too Muchnot rated0:00
157. All You Need Is Lovenot rated0:00
158. Pepperlandnot rated0:00
159. Sea Of Timenot rated0:00
160. Sea Of Holesnot rated0:00
161. Sea Of Monstersnot rated0:00
162. March Of The Meaniesnot rated0:00
163. Pepperland Laid Wastenot rated0:00
164. Yellow Submarine In Pepperlandnot rated0:00
165. Come Togethernot rated0:00
166. Somethingnot rated0:00
167. Maxwell's Silver Hammernot rated0:00
168. Oh! Darlingnot rated0:00
169. Octopus's Gardennot rated0:00
170. I Want You (She's So Heavy)not rated0:00
171. Here Comes The Sunnot rated0:00
172. Becausenot rated0:00
173. You Never Give Me Your Moneynot rated0:00
174. Sun Kingnot rated0:00
175. Mean Mr. Mustardnot rated0:00
176. Polythene Pamnot rated0:00
177. She Came In Through The Bathroom Windownot rated0:00
178. Golden Slumbersnot rated0:00
179. Carry That Weightnot rated0:00
180. The Endnot rated0:00
181. Two Of Usnot rated0:00
182. Dig A Ponynot rated0:00
183. Across The Universenot rated0:00
184. I Me Minenot rated0:00
185. Dig Itnot rated0:00
186. Let It Benot rated0:00
187. Maggie Maenot rated0:00
188. I've Got A Feelingnot rated0:00
189. One After 909not rated0:00
190. The Long And Winding Roadnot rated0:00
191. For You Bluenot rated0:00
192. Get Backnot rated0:00
193. Love Me Do (Original Single Version)not rated0:00
194. From Me To Younot rated0:00
195. Thank You Girlnot rated0:00
196. She Loves Younot rated0:00
197. I'll Get Younot rated0:00
198. I Want To Hold Your Handnot rated0:00
199. This Boynot rated0:00
200. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Handnot rated0:00
201. Sie Liebt Dichnot rated0:00
202. Long Tall Sallynot rated0:00
203. I Call Your Namenot rated0:00
204. Slow Downnot rated0:00
205. Matchboxnot rated0:00
206. I Feel Finenot rated0:00
207. She's A Womannot rated0:00
208. Bad Boynot rated0:00
209. Yes It Isnot rated0:00
210. I'm Downnot rated0:00
211. Day Trippernot rated0:00
212. We Can Work It Outnot rated0:00
213. Paperback Writernot rated0:00
214. Rainnot rated0:00
215. Lady Madonnanot rated0:00
216. The Inner Lightnot rated0:00
217. Hey Judenot rated0:00
218. Revolutionnot rated0:00
219. Get Back (With Billy Preston)not rated0:00
220. Don't Let Me Down (With Billy Preston)not rated0:00
221. The Ballad Of John And Yokonot rated0:00
222. Old Brown Shoenot rated0:00
223. Across The Universenot rated0:00
224. Let It Benot rated0:00
225. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)not rated0:00

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