Charlie Byrd, Carlos Barbosa-Lima (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Charlie ByrdAt the Village Vanguard (Live)FLAC1963not rated46:19
Charlie ByrdBamba Samba Bossa NovaFLAC1959not rated28:21
Charlie ByrdBlues SonataFLAC1/1/1962not rated40:38
Charlie ByrdBossa Nova Pelos PassarosFLAC1962not rated46:51
Charlie ByrdBrazilian ByrdFLAC1965not rated37:03
Charlie ByrdByrd & BrazilFLAC1/1/1980not rated1:27:55
Charlie ByrdByrd SongFLAC1964not rated36:16
Charlie ByrdByrd's WorldFLAC1962not rated41:30
Charlie ByrdCharlie Byrd Plays JobimFLAC1982not rated1:07:21
Charlie ByrdFor LouisFLAC3/14/2000not rated58:37
Charlie ByrdJazz 'n' SambaFLAC6/20/1995not rated40:56
Charlie ByrdLatin ByrdFLAC4/16/1996not rated1:12:35
Charlie ByrdMoments Like ThisFLAC11/1/1994not rated1:00:51
Charlie ByrdMr. GuitarFLAC1962not rated41:00
Charlie ByrdSolo FlightFLAC1965not rated34:28
Charlie ByrdThe Guitar Artistry of Charlie ByrdFLAC1960not rated46:39
Charlie ByrdThe Washington Guitar QuintetFLAC9/30/1992not rated59:18