Carly Simon
Clouds In My Coffee 1965-1995

Carly Simon - Clouds In My Coffee 1965-1995

  • Release date: 11/7/1995
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: FLAC
  • Duration: 3:43:10
  • not rated
  • Added October 30, 2019
  • Played October 30, 2019


1. Let the River Runnot rated3:41
2. You Belong to Menot rated3:50
3. Nobody Does It Betternot rated3:43
4. Coming Around Againnot rated3:40
5. Jessenot rated4:18
6. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Ofnot rated4:58
7. You're So Vainnot rated4:19
8. Touched By The Sunnot rated5:29
9. Haven't Got Time For The Painnot rated3:56
10. Better Not Tell Hernot rated5:13
11. Legend In Your Own Timenot rated3:46
12. Mockingbirdnot rated4:13
13. That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Benot rated4:18
14. All I Want Is Younot rated4:01
15. The Right Thing To Donot rated3:00
16. Like A Rivernot rated4:47
17. Anticipationnot rated3:22
18. Give Me All Nightnot rated4:23
19. Angel From Montgomerynot rated4:30
20. Rainingnot rated3:13
21. I'm All It Takes To Make You Happynot rated3:37
22. Easy On The Eyesnot rated4:44
23. Turn Of The Tidenot rated4:06
24. Libbynot rated4:59
25. Have You Seen Me Lately?not rated4:15
26. My New Boyfriendnot rated4:21
27. Voulez-Vous Dansernot rated3:13
28. The Night Before Christmasnot rated3:43
29. Halfway 'Round The Worldnot rated4:35
30. Life Is Eternalnot rated5:25
31. We Have No Secretsnot rated3:58
32. Whynot rated4:08
33. Take Me Out To The Ballgamenot rated2:04
34. Back The Waynot rated4:53
35. Itsy Bitsy Spidernot rated3:45
36. Play With Menot rated2:29
37. My Luv Is Like A Red, Red Rosenot rated2:57
38. It Happens Everydaynot rated2:47
39. Boys In The Treesnot rated3:14
40. Julie Through The Glassnot rated3:24
41. Orpheusnot rated3:53
42. Never Been Gonenot rated3:36
43. Happy Birthdaynot rated4:53
44. Devoted To Younot rated2:30
45. Carly Simon with Andreas Vollenweider - Davynot rated3:42
46. Do The Walls Come Downnot rated3:49
47. Danny Boynot rated3:22
48. Dink's Bluesnot rated3:50
49. We're So Closenot rated5:10
50. Someone Waits For Younot rated3:00
51. Born To Break My Heartnot rated4:45
52. Time After Timenot rated2:06
53. What Shall We Do With The Child?not rated2:47
54. I've Got A Crush On Younot rated3:36
55. Something Wonderfulnot rated2:15
56. You're The Love Of My Lifenot rated3:37
57. I Get Along Without You Very Wellnot rated3:26
58. By Myself / I See Your Face Before Menot rated3:12

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