Nas (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
NasFact. Nasir Jones is The Greatest Rapper BreathingMP32006not rated3:47:31
NasGod's Son (Explicit Retail)MP32002not rated1:06:12
NasHip Hop Is Dead (Proper)MP32006not rated1:00:17
NasHip Hop Is Dead CDSMP32006not rated11:18
NasIllmatic (10th Anniversary Platinum Edition) [PA] [UK] Disc 1MP32004not rated39:44
NasIllmatic (10th Anniversary Platinum Edition) [PA] [UK] Disc 2MP32004not rated23:07
NasIt was writtenMP31996not rated59:05
NasNas-I Am...MP31999not rated1:04:45
NasNastradamusMP31999not rated1:02:33
NasQB FinestMP32000not rated1:05:50
NasStillmaticMP32001not rated56:35
NasThe N... The Resurrection Of Hip HopMP32006not rated1:19:15