Ben Folds Five (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Ben Folds FiveArmy Part 1 (Single)MP31999not rated10:00
Ben Folds FiveArmy Part 2 (Single)MP31999not rated7:48
Ben Folds FiveBattle Of Who Could Care Less (Single)MP31997not rated6:31
Ben Folds FiveBen Folds FiveMP31995not rated46:17
Ben Folds FiveBrick (Single)MP31997not rated16:22
Ben Folds FiveDomo! Ben-Chan Desu! [JPN] (Disc 1)MP31997not rated1:13:46
Ben Folds FiveDon't Change Your Plans (Maxi CD)MP31999not rated18:33
Ben Folds FiveNaked Baby PhotosMP31998not rated55:18
Ben Folds FiveSong For The Dumped (Single)MP31997not rated9:05
Ben Folds FiveThe Beginnings (Disc 1)MP3not rated
Ben Folds FiveThe Beginnings (Disc 2)MP3not rated
Ben Folds FiveThe Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold MessnerMP31999not rated40:30
Ben Folds FiveThe Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner [AUS] (Bonus Disc)MP31999not rated25:24
Ben Folds FiveThere's Spring Of Myself [JPN]MP31996not rated1:14:09
Ben Folds FiveTruth And Rumors With Ben Folds FiveMP31999not rated35:58
Ben Folds FiveUnderground (Single)MP31996not rated27:02
Ben Folds FiveWhatever And Ever Amen (Remastered)MP32005not rated1:16:10