Sufjan Stevens
Seven Swans

Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

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  • Added February 25, 2007


1. All the trees of the field will clap their handsnot rated0:00
2. The dress looks nice on younot rated0:00
3. In the devil's teritorynot rated0:00
4. To be alone with younot rated0:00
5. Abrahamnot rated0:00
6. Sisternot rated0:00
7. Size too smallnot rated0:00
8. We won't need legs to standnot rated0:00
9. A good man is hard to findnot rated0:00
10. He woke me up againnot rated0:00
11. Seven swansnot rated0:00
12. The transfigurationnot rated0:00

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