Johnny Cash
The Man In Black II (1959-1962)

Johnny Cash - The Man In Black II (1959-1962)

  • Release date: 1991
  • Genre: Country/Classic Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 5:02:49
  • not rated
  • Added February 25, 2007


1. Snow In His Hairnot rated2:18
2. I Saw A Mannot rated2:30
3. Lead Me Gently Homenot rated1:58
4. Are All The Children Innot rated1:52
5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariotnot rated1:50
6. I Call Himnot rated1:45
7. The Old Accountnot rated2:22
8. He'll Be A Friendnot rated1:56
9. These Things Shall Passnot rated2:14
10. It Could Be You (Instead Of Him)not rated1:48
11. God Willnot rated2:18
12. The Great Speckled Birdnot rated2:07
13. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)not rated3:54
14. He'll Understand And Say Well Donenot rated2:24
15. God Has My Fortune Laid Awaynot rated2:47
16. When I've Learnednot rated2:44
17. I Got Shoesnot rated1:58
18. Let The Lower Lights Be Burningnot rated2:11
19. If We Never Meet Againnot rated2:59
20. When I Take My Vacation In Heavennot rated2:23
21. When He Reached Down His Hand For Menot rated2:01
22. Taller Than Treesnot rated1:49
23. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alonenot rated2:57
24. My God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real)not rated1:57
25. These Handsnot rated2:11
26. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)not rated1:45
27. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valleynot rated2:08
28. A Day In The Grand Canyonnot rated10:49
1. I'll Remember Younot rated1:51
2. I Got Stripesnot rated2:03
3. You Dreamer Younot rated1:48
4. Five Feet High And Risingnot rated1:45
5. The Rebel Johnny Yumanot rated1:51
6. Lorenanot rated1:53
7. Second Honeymoonnot rated1:53
8. The Fable Of Willie Brownnot rated1:53
9. Smiling Bill McCallnot rated2:05
10. Johnny Yuma Themenot rated1:55
11. The Man On The Hillnot rated2:08
12. Hank And Joe And Menot rated2:11
13. The Caretakernot rated2:03
14. Clementinenot rated2:28
15. I Want To Go Homenot rated1:55
16. Old Apache Squawnot rated1:40
17. Don't Step On Mother's Rosesnot rated2:32
18. My Grandfather's Clocknot rated2:41
19. I Couldn't Keep From Cryingnot rated2:07
20. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To Younot rated2:22
21. I Will Miss You When You Gonot rated2:00
22. I Feel Better All Overnot rated2:02
23. Bandananot rated2:12
24. Heartbeat (Vocal By Roy Rivers)not rated2:14
25. Hello Again (Vocal By Roy Rivers)not rated2:09
1. Tall Mannot rated1:53
2. Girl In Saskatoonnot rated2:13
3. Locomotive Mannot rated2:48
4. The Losing Kindnot rated1:57
5. Five Minutes To Live (1)not rated2:02
6. Forty Shades Of Green (1)not rated2:51
7. The Big Battlenot rated4:03
8. Blues For Twonot rated2:08
9. Jeri And Nina's Melodynot rated2:42
10. Why Do You Punish Me?not rated2:17
11. Just One Morenot rated2:12
12. Seasons Of My Heartnot rated2:29
13. Honky Tonk Girlnot rated1:58
14. I'm So Lonesome I Could Crynot rated2:38
15. Time Changes Everythingnot rated1:48
16. I'd Just Be Fool Enoughnot rated2:05
17. Transfusion Bluesnot rated2:32
18. Lovin' Locomotive Mannot rated2:27
19. Five Minutes To Live (2)not rated2:11
20. Mr. Lonesomenot rated2:15
21. Forty Shades Of Green (2)not rated2:52
22. Folsom Prison Bluesnot rated2:52
23. I Walk The Linenot rated2:43
24. Hey Porternot rated1:57
25. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Hernot rated2:26
26. There's A Mother Always Waitingnot rated2:58
27. The Losing Kindnot rated1:50
1. Tennessee Flat Top Boxnot rated2:58
2. Sing It Pretty Suenot rated1:58
3. A Little At A Timenot rated1:55
4. So Do Inot rated2:10
5. Bonanzanot rated2:18
6. Shamrock Doesn't Grow In Californianot rated2:34
7. I'm Free From The Chain Gang Nownot rated1:49
8. Delia's Gonenot rated3:00
9. Lost In The Desertnot rated1:59
10. Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Hernot rated2:24
11. Accidentally On Purposenot rated1:53
12. You remembered Menot rated2:02
13. In The Jailhouse Nownot rated2:21
14. Let Me Down Easynot rated1:44
15. In Them Old Cottonfields Back Homenot rated2:32
16. You Won't Have Far To Gonot rated1:48
17. Delia's Gonenot rated2:00
18. No One Will Ever Knownot rated2:23
19. The Danger Zonenot rated2:09
20. I'll Be All Smiles Tonightnot rated2:47
21. Send A Picture Of Mothernot rated2:50
22. Hardin' Wouldn't Runnot rated3:31
23. Sing It Pretty Suenot rated1:58
24. Blue Bandananot rated1:41
25. So Doggone Lonesomenot rated2:08
26. Johnny Rebnot rated2:54
27. Delia's Gonenot rated2:18
28. I Walk The Line (take 6, slow)not rated2:46
29. I Walk The Line (take 9, fast)not rated2:52
1. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 1)not rated2:48
2. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 2)not rated1:43
3. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 3)not rated2:46
4. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 4+5)not rated0:28
5. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 6)not rated2:42
6. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 7+8)not rated2:05
7. The Girl In Saskatoon (take 9-master)not rated2:34
8. An Empty Chair (take 1) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated2:15
9. An Empty Chair (take 2,3+4) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated1:01
10. An Empty Chair (take 5-master) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated2:14
11. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (take 1) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated2:11
12. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (take 2) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated2:05
13. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (take 3+4) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated0:28
14. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (take 5) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated2:08
15. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (take 6-master) (vocal: Roy Cash)not rated1:56
16. Riot In Cell Block #9 (take 1) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated3:20
17. Riot In Cell Block #9 (take 2) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated0:19
18. Riot In Cell Block #9 (take 3) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated2:45
19. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (take 1) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated4:11
20. Rocket '69 (take 1) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated0:58
21. Rocket '69 (take 2) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated1:55
22. Blueberry Hill (take 1) (vocal: Ray Liberto, Jr.)not rated3:32

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